How To Restore The Energy In Your Home With Cleaning

Spring is the time of renewal, new energy and the positive energy brought by the sun. Now is the right time to dedicate ourselves to realizing all those dreams and desires that we neglected during the long and quite lazy winter season. According to upholstery cleaning Toronto, good spring cleaning can make the wonders of opening a home with new energy that will strengthen and preserve us. According to Chinese belief, Feng Shui can be very helpful in this process, especially if you feel a little slow lately and cry for new energy. These are some of the things you could do about Feng Shui for better energy in your home today.

Clean the mess in the kitchen

If you want to improve your health, get rid of all the old things that caused the mess and in this way blocked the energy flow in the kitchen (especially in cabinets and freezers). The condition in your kitchen reflects your health by making yourself a service and fixing the mess that is accumulating for a hundred years already! Get the freezer, clean the cooker and all the dishes and shanks. Get rid of all chemical cleaners and replace them with a natural variant. Clean all trays, work surfaces, lamps, etc.

Decorate with plants

Enter three new flowerpots with lots of green leaves in your home to bring fresh and positive energy to your home and symbolize a new beginning. If you plan to place them in the kitchen, opt for rich and aromatic grasses such as basil, rosemary or mint. Decorate with plants and the entrance part of the house except the kitchen because they are two spaces in the apartment that are strongly associated with our health.

Clean the bedroom and the bathroom

Thoroughly clean your bedroom and bathroom and get rid of anything you have not used in the last six months. Do not forget to clean the part under the beds, windows and refresh in the spirit of spring, both your bedroom and the bathroom.

Make space in your closet

If you want to make a new connection, make a real physical space for this person in your home by cleaning and better organizing the wardrobe. If you clean the cabinet, you will symbolize a better flow of energy and you will have the opportunity to draw more of what you want in the home. There is no better period for this than spring cleaning.

Free space

Finally, a summary summarizing the essence of everything: make sure you cleanse and organize all those places in the home that have been badly organized so far. This is a good spring project because it’s a good time to clean up all the energy that has stagnated in the previous period. If you have unexplained parts at home without any purpose, give them some function. Restore your home so you will restore your body.

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