The Jobs of the Future: Choosing the Right Branch

Even before going to the university, it’s important to think about the jobs of the future. Take interest into what branches will be the most prosperous by the time you become a specialist. There are some specialties that always have a great demand in human workers, but there are also many that become automatized. According to BBC, up to 800 million workers may be left without their jobs by 2030 due to robotic automation.

So, what to opt for to make sure you have a stable job for years ahead?

5 Jobs of the Future That Need Human Mind and Hand


Architecture and engineering branches will keep their stability and even more. According to the World Economic Forum “The Future of Jobs” report, architecture (along with engineering, mathematics, and computer branches) will gain about 2 million jobs by 2020. Graduates and senior workers can find a job on specialized websites for their branch, like Anderselite architecture jobs.


Robots are extremely precise, which makes them eligible to open up a person’s body to correct an issue. However, it’ll be long from now that they win over human surgeons. Statistics say the annual salary of a surgeon is about $253,000, and the growth of the sector has been estimated to be 16,8% in a decade (from 2016 to 2026).

Take a note that to become a qualified specialist, one must go through rough and long training. This includes a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of medical school, and 5 or more years of surgical residency program.


The medical branch has been automatized more and more over the latest years. However, when it comes to making ethical decisions, expressing empathy and interact interpersonally, a human mind is irreplaceable. The approach to anesthesia is the most serious, as the proper type to be used depends on the whole history of a patient’s health conditions. Currently, the average annual salary of an anesthesiologist is about $270,000, and the growth rate during the decade is 17,8%.

Product Designer

Going to a different field, something we can’t yet robotize is human creativity. And with the technological development still present, the ways of expressing that creativity grow exponentially. “The Future of Jobs” report says commercial and industrial designers will maintain if not increase the demand for their skills. The average annual salary of a product designer is about $110,000, but the growth rate is lower than average – about 2% during a decade (from 2014 to 2024).

Software Developer

The value of technology these days makes the life without the needed software pretty hard, which increases the demand for software developers. By 2026, the employment rates of software specialists can rise by astonishing 30%. This will create about 253,400 more jobs than there currently are. The average annual salary is about $100,000, and the unemployment rate in this field is at 1,6%.

To sum up, we see that certain human qualities are irreplaceable. Besides, the job opportunities for some sectors may decrease dramatically, but at the same time, other possibilities will open. Any machine needs maintenance and software to be able to work and cooperate, and this is where humans come in.

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