Handy Provides You with Easy DIY Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio


The snow is gone, the sun is shining. It’s official. Spring is here. Time to full up the grill, get the lawn furniture out of storage. Watch out folks, it’s patio time! While most of our summertime will be spent outside, getting the yard ready should be tackled early on. We will look, with Handy, at a few inexpensive ways to spruce up your patio and get things ready for summer.

You don’t need to break your bank to have a nice yard!

While it is easy to go out and simply buy ready-made decorations, making them yourself can be a fun activity. With a little time and some effort, you will have a beautiful, personal space you can be proud of.

  1. Cinder Block planters – Terracotta planters a heavy, bulky, and quite generic. They can be quite costly and take up so much room to store come winter. You can leave them out but risk them breaking. Our solution: Cinder block. Those grey construction blocks are cheap, versatile, stackable and solid. A little bit of paint, and you can create a beautiful little garden. A great activity with kids, those solid blocks have innumerable potential.
  2. Chalk art – Who knew your child’s chalk art could be a beautiful accent somewhere other than on the street! The brick siding of your house, or patio stairs. Even the pathway down to your garden. Chalk art is an ephemeral decoration you kids will have fun with all summer long. It can be changed with a simple wash. Have a special occasion? Have your kids draw something special. Fun for the whole family.
  3. Christmas lights – More like summer lights. Creating beautiful hanging lights for your garden has never been cheaper. Wait for the after-holiday sale on Christmas lights, grab a few of the white ones, and have fun! Use things around the house to add an accent to your lights, and you will have moody illumination all summer long, making your evening magical.
  4. DIY Bird feeders – Fill your backyard with songbirds by adding a few bird feeders here and there. Not those ugly plastic ones, but ones you’ve made yourself. Scour the garage sales that inevitably pop up in every neighborhood, get a few colorful bowls and plates a drill a hole in the middle of both. Use a metal rod, a few bolts, and large washers to create your own bird feeder by securing the bowl at the bottom of the rod, and the plate at the top of the rod. Or, for a more personalized feeder, go to a ceramic cafe, where you can turn and cure your own bowl and plate. Have the hole premade and paint your bird feeder to your own liking.


With a few of those ideas, Handy knows you will be able to make your very own amazing living space without breaking the bank. A few inexpensive purchases here and there, and a whole lot of fun for the family.