3 Great Synthetic Ice Training Drills

3 Great Synthetic Ice Training Drills

It seems like each day that goes by another hockey player chooses to install synthetic ice into their home so they can practice all they want to without having to leave the house. If you are one of those people, you might be happy to hear that there are several practices and drills that you can practice by yourself that will help you to sharpen your skills during this downtime, and make you even better than ever when it is time to go back to the ice. We are going to share with you our top three drills for hockey lovers that are designed to maximize shooting and passing practices.

Have the Proper Gear

It is important in all drills that you have the correct equipment that will allow you to get the most out of your drills. For these drills, you will need a bucket full of pucks, a hockey shooting tarp, a hockey passer, and of course your hockey stick. Once you have these ready to go, you are in business and can start training.

Drill # 1: Rapid Fire Shooting Drill

For this drill, you will need your hockey shooting tarp set up, and to have a good amount of hockey pucks to set up next to you within reach of your stick. Get yourself set up to go by placing a pile of pucks right next to you where they are easy to get and square yourself up into a shooting position towards your shooting tarp.

Focus your attention on the center target hole between the goalie’s legs on the tarp. Pull one of your pucks toward you and take your shot at that hole. Get the feel of where you are aiming to, then pick another puck from the pile and shoot again. Keep shooting in rapid succession one after the other at the same target until you run out of pucks. Count the ones you made, and compare them to the number of the ones you missed. Repeat.

Dill # 2: Pass Pass Shoot

In this drill, you will need your hockey passer, your shooting tarp, and your pile of pucks. This exercise is to develop the skills that you need to master one-timer shots like a pro. In order to get good at something, you have to keep at it until you get it down like a science. Repetitive shooting helps to build accuracy and endurance.

Place your passer on the floor in front of you, between your shooting tarp and yourself. Pull a puck from the pile and aim a shot for the side of your passer where it will come straight back to you. Pass the puck then let it return. Do this s couple more times until you get warmed up. Once you are ready, pass the puck to the passer twice, and when it comes back the second time, make your shot at the goal on the tarp. Pick the target holes that you have trouble hitting. Keep shooting until you run out of pucks.

Drill # 3: Front to Backhand One-Timer

For this drill, you will need your hockey tarp, your stick, and a good-sized pile of pucks that are within reach.

Start out with the hockey tarp in front of you, and a puck in front of you slightly to your left. Slide the puck with your stick as far to the right in front of you as you can. Slide the puck back and forth allowing yourself to stretch out at the left and at the right as far as you can.

When you get warmed up, slide it to the left, or right, whichever you prefer, then slide it back the other way so that it gives you the chance to slap a backhand shot at the goalie on the tarp.

Keep this motion up until you run out of pucks. Bring the puck in from far out on one side, then switch it to the backhand side and take your shot. Move faster with each shot. Repeat this over and over until you run out of pucks.

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