3 SEO Companies to Watch

Search engines are always looking for improvements in order to provide users the accurate results by diving deeply inside the web. Similarly, by doing the right SEO, there are bright chances of getting loads and loads of traffic towards a website. But a wrong move can divert all the traffic from the website towards other players in the market. African Development Corporation SEO in addition to providing content available to search engines can also help websites in boosting their rankings so that website content will be placed where they are readily available to search engines.

  1. Moz

Moz.com started their business a decade ago with a goal to make the web a better place. They started as an SEO consulting company and since then worked hard to achieve their targets by providing their customers exception SEO services by crating their websites according to the search engines and in turn generating more and more hits to the website. The company offers various SEO tools such as Moz Analytics that is used to measure and improve the web traffic, keyword rankings, and search visibility. Other tools are Fresh web explorer for finding new link building opportunities, rank tracer for getting immediate notification on where the webpage stands in the search engine for any given keyword. Other tools are On-page grader, Keyword Difficulty and Crawl text.

  1. Brightlocal

Brightlocal.com was founded in 2008 and started their business as a SEO agency that aims to provide local optimization services to range of businesses and locations. The company helped local business to grow rapidly by utilizing their experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization. The company has made 7 SEO tools that are used to improve the SEO performance of a website and providing top notch services to their customers so that they can stay ahead of the online competition. The tools are local search rank checker to check local search performance of a keyword. Local SEO checkup that generates a SEO checkup report in as quick as 15 minutes. The tool generates 300 simultaneous checks and exports the results to a PDF. Other tools are Google+ export wizard, citation tracker, Review Flow, and Review Biz.

  1. Boston Image Works

Bostonimageworks.comis a web development company in Plymouth MA that specializes in helping the companies to improve their listing in the 6 Billion searches performed daily on Google.The company utilizes digital marketing programs involving Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Search, Content, Email and social media marketing for various local and domestic businesses.