Digital Marketing

3 Ways To Establish Your Brand Through Digital Marketing

Consistency is vital if you want your brand to stand out. When people recognize you in your activity – whether that be advertising, partnerships, or your website – they trust you more. These components deliver an assurance that you’re credible and established. If you’re inconsistent, you end up not standing for anything and you confuse the people you’re trying to attract. Here are three ways you can demonstrate brand presence through steadiness.

Your Color Palette

Leading performance marketer Eyal Gutentag believes in the power of disruptive marketing, But you can only disrupt if people recognize you when you do. A strong color palette secures instant brand recognition. Using your brand colors across everything a customer sees creates association even before they realize it’s you. Coca-Cola, Facebook and Starbucks are all excellent examples of brands that have single-mindedly stuck to one color and ended up owning it.

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Your Voice

Consider a centuries-old banking institution; now imagine a New York vegan-food company. If the two were people, they’d sound very different, and the same applies to their brand entities. It would be quite jarring if either sounded like the other. You wouldn’t know what to make of it, which is why creating your brand persona and finding your voice is so important. It gives you a bedrock on which all your communication stands.

Your Imagery

A picture paints a thousand words. Social media platforms have made everyone much wiser to the power of filters and how they can affect the feel and tone of an image. It’s now common to see pictures and know which brand they belong to even before you take stock of what the photo shows. Use an image style that complements who you are. Candid imagery works best for some brands, while highly stylized photography suits others. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Make your brand your own and be proud of it. Don’t change for change’s sake; it will confuse your customers and cast doubt as to whether you are who they think you are. But above all, be consistent.