6 Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email Marketing, as the name suggests, refers to directly sending out a commercial message via Email. Commercial messages can include advertisements, promotional offers and direct links to the company’s website or request for donations. Due to its ease of use and convenience, Email marketing has become one of the most popular modes of internet marketing and is used by both large and small companies. Although the times have changed and most companies tend to focus more on social media, they often ignore the several advantages that email marketing would have for their company. Listed below are some of the great benefits that email marketing can have for your small business or startup.

Cost Effective

Budgets are often tight for small companies and they cannot afford to spend a fortune in marketing. Email marketing, being totally free of cost save tons of money required for the other mainstream marketing channels. You can also avail several additional features by choosing a good email marketing application. Emails do not involve any additional costs such as print fee, broadcast costs and announcement charges and can also be automated without much hassle. A single person can send out thousands of emails in a short time. Such extensive marketing can usually cost a lot through other channels.

Simplified Marketing

Emails are extremely easy to send and can work wonders for your business, especially if you want to target a selected group of customers. Most businesses send out emails to only those who have subscribed to their mailing list. This is not only more efficient and ethical way to attract your target audience, but will also result in much higher conversions rates than other channels of marketing. Their simplified nature allows emails to be sent by anyone with little knowledge of computers and internet.

Easy Calls to Action


Email marketing is one of the few advertising platforms that allow the customer to see and buy the advertised product in an instant. Thanks to e-commerce, customers can visit your company website in a couple of clicks and can directly buy the product or service that you just advertised. This can be an efficient tool to take advantage of the impulsive buyers who would buy your product immediately after seeing an email about your company’s latest offers and product launches.

Global Reach

Email users are scattered in plenty across the globe and hence, email marketing can be the best way to reach them. If you think about it, there aren’t many marketing platforms that would allow you to share your product information across the globe at the same time. While most companies have shifted their focus on social media, online profiles aren’t nearly as efficient as the trusty emails in connecting with their target audience. Although social media can engage people more efficiently, the conversion totally depends on the quality of content, which will add to your marketing costs.

Quickest Way of Marketing

Not many marketing channels provide quicker results than email. As you can create and send emails in an instant, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign can be seen just a few minutes of sending. If we look at the stats, it is common for email users to check their account on a daily basis. Hence, marketing emails can be used to create a sense of urgency and effectively attract the customer’s attention. Because the response is immediate, you would know instantly if your marketing campaign is working or not.

Highest ROI

The number one reason why email is extremely beneficial for small businesses is because of the huge returns on investment that it promises. No matter how popular your social media profile is, you would still be concerned about the results and the conversion rates. According to several studies, it was found that email marketing provides as much as $40 for every single dollar that you invest, putting it on the number one spot among marketing channels.

While most companies have started focusing on other modes of digital marketing, the real potential of email marketing often gets overlooked. The above benefits not only prove how efficient email marketing can be, but also prove that despite of its low reliance, it is still one of the best modes of internet marketing.