Australian Advancements – Why Serviced Offices Are Becoming More Popular

Disruption and change in the traditional office space environment have created several opportunities for Australian entrepreneurs, startups, and freelance workers. From coworking and virtual offices to commercial serviced offices, there is now an abundance of cost-efficient and convenient options for securing rental office space without any of the old hassles of managing your own office.

Serviced offices, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular for a growing segment of the workforce. This rise in popularity is reflective of a broader trend in workers looking for a more flexible way to balance their working life and private life, but also shows that the quality of these spaces is high enough to attract new workers every day.

Let’s look at a little more closely at the serviced office phenomenon and some specific reasons

why they are becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

What Is A Serviced Office?

Serviced offices are essentially fully equipped office spaces that are owned by a management company. This company then rents out these spaces to individuals or small companies. Sometimes the term “serviced office” can be used synonymously with co-working, as when many professionals and flexible workers from different backgrounds are able to rent a shared space and work alongside each other.

Creative Comfort

Modern serviced office spaces often feature inviting lounge and breakout spaces. These can provide temporary relief or welcome distraction after an intense period of concentrating on work. Best of all, these spaces can facilitate discussion and collaboration with colleagues or coworkers.

Many of the premium varieties of serviced office space come with attractive and interesting interior décor as well as high-quality office furniture. As such, flexible workers can enjoy all of the comforts of a world-class office environment without the cost or inconvenience of setting it up from scratch.

Cost Minimising

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to rent serviced office space is the reasonable cost of doing so. Rather than requiring an investment into fixed office space, infrastructure, and equipment, these spaces feature everything a contemporary professional needs to do their work while saving money. Additionally, if something needs to be fixed, such as the photocopier or any part of the building itself, you can rest assured that this will be professionally serviced without having to worry about it yourself. Your work and productivity need not be affected by unforeseen circumstances.

Best of all, premium providers of serviced office spaces have multiple package options so you can find an offer that suits both your specific needs and budget. Consequently, you will only pay for what you need rather than letting your space or money go to waste.

Collaboration And Cooperation

Flexible work can be an isolating process. Rather than falling into this trap, serviced office spaces provide a way for motivated and like-minded freelancers and entrepreneurs to work alongside each other. In fact, you may find yourself working with people from vastly different industries and niches. This can spur interesting and novel collaborations. You can certainly benefit from outside insights into existing projects. Serviced offices serve as the medium through which meaningful and valuable cooperation can occur.

Feel Good About Your Work

Serviced offices are a welcome change from the traditional office environments of the past. However, they are also a solution to many of the downsides of contemporary freelance work.

In Australia, there are many options available if you choose to utilise a serviced office space. Make sure to do your research and find a high-quality and well-equipped space to increase your productivity, inspire yourself, and get your work done well. You will be in good company.