Best Way To Clean Your Rugs Yourself

Cleaning a rug is based on the size, designing and material of the rug. Each rug has a different nature of cleaning. It is better to hire a professional for this purpose, but if one still persists to clean themselves it is better to follow some basic rug cleaning tips.


Points to consider

Vacuuming for large area rugs:

It is necessary to know that rugs with really large surface area needto be vacuumed every now and then. If the carpet is reversible, try vacuuming it both ways to remove dust and dirt properly. It helps in bringing back the shine of the rug and returns its original look.

Brush out to remove excess hairs:

One must try brushing after vacuum as vacuum does not always takes in pet hairs or threads. The right way of brushing is by using a hard brush and brush it in the direction of the nap.

Change the rug positioning:

Changing the rug positioning helps in proportioning the stress on most used areas. It also helps in balancing the faded tone due to sunlight or foot traffic.

Shrug the dust off:

If the rug is smaller in size, one can easily shake the dust off by applying high pressure and vigorousmovement. Dust can also be removed by beating however it may affect the rug quality.

Deep cleansing:

Once you are done vacuuming, the next major problem arises in choosing the best deep cleansing technique for your rug.

For small rugs:

Before washing or dry cleaning the rugs, do check its labels for necessary precautions to be taken. If the rug is only to be dry cleaned, than one must know that its color might fade off if washed. If the rug is washable, try going for a soft wash with cold water. One can place it in a rug sack or pillow case for washing to save its quality.

Drying a rug should also be done with care, try avoiding a single clothes line as it will spoil the shape of your rug. Lay it straight on a table or bricks to avoid any kind of distortion.

Wide spread rugs:

These rugs generally need deep cleaning almost every year. It is better hire a professional team for cleaning. If you are doing it yourself, it would be better to test your cleansers in a small portion of the rug to check its effect. You need to place your rug on a concrete block or vinyl surface and rub the dirt off using cleaning agents like carpet shampoo. You can follow this step with a vacuuming to renew the fibers.


This is a best option for small or mid-sized carpets. Dry cleaning the rugs keeps the quality of the rug balanced without distorting its color.