Sound And Lighting

Crucial Roles Of Sound And Lighting In Your Next Event

If you’re planning a big event in the near future it goes without saying that you want it to be perfect. Designing every aspect of the evening can be a stressful and daunting affair and it’s a brilliant idea to bring in professionals to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. But how important are sound and lighting to the success of your event?

Here are some of the many different things you should consider when discussing your big event with a professional AV company:

Lighting Atmosphere

Lighting can set the mood just as easily as it can break it, you need to consider the venue, the event itself and the clientele in order to properly create an unforgettable atmosphere. If you’re hosting a mixer then lower lighting and intimate spaces can help, if it’s a team building event or an expo then bright, thorough lighting works much better. Discuss with your team what it is you want the main takeaway to be and work on a lightscape that illuminates that particular goal.

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Lights do not just brighten the room, you can bring in something a little flashier. You can have your brand logo beamed onto the ceiling or have technicolor floodlights highlighting and showing off your new and improved product model. Stage design is even more important and the options are endless, be sure to explore them all.


If you’re planning to film the event and have big speeches and speakers then proper stage lighting becomes even more essential. Be sure to walk it through and test it beforehand to ensure your guests look their best on the other side of the camera and the cinematography isn’t hindered by your strobe-lit glitter cannon interlude.

Sound Mood

Choosing music and ambient sound for an event can turn even the most empty feeling space into a warm and inviting room. Working with the venue and choosing the appropriate levels and playlist is something that is entirely dependent on the audience and purpose of the party, but having a great sound system in place is essential no matter what direction you choose to take. If you’re going to be using the venues own speaker system make sure you have someone who knows how to operate them.

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Stage Shows

If you have keynote speakers or video content planned for your eager crowds then you want to make sure that they are audible. Microphones need to be set up and sound levels checked, the venue will be able to help to a certain extent but unless you have someone on staff who is an expert in that sort of thing it’s a great idea to talk it through with a professional and do a sound check or two just to be sure. Detailed info here.