Diesel Particulate Filter-A Must Bought Device For Your Vehicle

Diesel particulate filters (DPF):

Diesel Particulate filter is an environmental friendly device, designed and amalgamated in the exhaust system of diesel engine. Its’ purpose is to remove the emission of harmful toxins from the vehicles engine by withholding and filtering soot particles from the engine’s exhaust gases. It is designed with an aim to reduce 80% of soot emission from the engine’s exhausted gases.


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Regeneration and its types:

Regeneration is a process of emptying the Diesel Particulate filter regularly to maintain its performance; the gathered soot is then flamed at high temperature leaving minimal ash residue.

There are two types of regeneration

Passive Regeneration:

Passive Regeneration takes place on fast roads automatically when exhaust temperature is high. Not all cars are used to their optimum potential, which is the reason why vehicle manufacturers have designed another type of regeneration mechanism for the cars.

Active Regeneration:

The vehicle’s Engine Management Computer (ECU) starts post combustion fuel injection when the accumulated soot in the filter reaches to the extent of 45 %. The exhaust temperature raises which in turn triggers the regeneration process.

Key points relating to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functioning and fitting:

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), a service item needed to be replaced at the end of its life. The item’s life expectancy will vary because of two factors: vehicle manufacturer and how the vehicle is maintained.

If you notice a fault in an electrical or mechanical upstream (i.e. Turbo wear, contaminated air filter, engine wear, fuel injector and glow plug faults), the situation has arisen where there is a need to replace the DPF.

It is compulsory; prior to fitting a new DPF, you need to fix the faults in electrical or mechanical upstream which have aroused in the previous DPF.Otherwise the probability of reoccurrence of the original problem gets higher.

After fitting the replacement DPF, ECU must be restarted. A force regeneration cycle must be carried out, and fuel additive must not surpass the recommended level. All of these activities should be carried out by proficient technician and by using tools and equipment as suited to the vehicle.

In order to ensure that the DPF functions as desired, the suitable engine oil should be used. There must be clean diesel injectors, EGR valve, glow plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter and air filter and in good working condition. Also, there must be adequate an DPF additive (if needed).

Regenerations cannot take place if the amount of fuel in tanker is less than 20%. It will also disrupt the result if the lights are on or if the vehicle is casted off for short journeys.

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