What are the Different Types of Legal Punishments

Means of serving the punishment of deprivation of liberty
If you have been convicted of a suspended sentence of imprisonment and have to spend some time isolated from relatives and family in a certain place, our Criminal defense Lawyer toronto wants you to know that you have rights that everyone needs to respect.

Do all prisoners of imprisonment fall in the same place?

If you are a minor, you will have to endure the punishment in a correctional home.
If you are a woman, you will be placed in prison or prison hostel for women only.
If you are a minor girl, you will endure the punishment in a correctional home but apart from the boys.
If you ate a foreign citizen, the place of serving the sentence will be determined by an order of the Minister of Justice.Are all convicted of deprivation of liberty under the same regime?

The answer is no. Depending on the gravity of the crime, the court will determine the original regime, which will be placed in the right place to endure the punishment. In order to be given an opportunity to understand what I the person has done, the law has provided four modes of subsistence:


One needs to know that not all of them are available at different places for convicts. A general, strict and special regime applies to prison and dormitories of a closed type. For dormitory dormitories of the open type, a general and light regime applies. A light, common, and strict regime is applied to reform homes.

What is the difference?
Light. What is allowed?
If you endure a punishment under a mild regime, the place of imprisonment will be an open-ended prison hostel. You will be accommodated in a room whose corridors are locked at night. You can spend at home two days a month, and work at different out-of-dormitory buildings without security. You will be able to see visitors without barriers and have free access to them. You can use out-of-home medical care if needed, attend cultural, sports or religious events, study near the dorm.
When determining the punishment, the court cannot initially impose a mild regime! This can happen later at the discretion of the prison chief if the person shows good behavior by correcting themselves and if they have served at least 6 months of the punishment.

What is the common mode?
If you have been sentenced to serve punishment under a common regime, you will be placed in a prison or in an indoor or outdoor prison. In which cases can I be subjected to a strict regime?
If I had been convicted earlier and had a new intentional crime within the probationary period and the sum of the penalties was more than 2 years.
If less than 5 years have passed since serving the punishment for my previous offense and committed a new crime.
If I am sentenced to imprisonment for 5 or more years.

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