Do You Plan About Sourcing Toy Products from China?

Are you aware of the fact that China is the U.S. leading importer of toy products? In fact, the United States Census Bureau lately released the list of top 10 products that are being sourced to the country from China. Next to computer accessories and parts, China exported more than $17 billion worth of toys and other sporting goods in 2017 alone.

This is probably because China manufactures some of the best and exclusive toy products worldwide. Consider kites, jump ropes, yo-yos, Mah Jong and dominos as vital examples. These are all Chinese toy products which are quite popular and widely used worldwide.

Moreover, most toy products are manufactured in China today. Just consider your favorite toy car at home and you will see an embossed ‘made in China’ label on it. They perhaps come from Switzerland, France or the UK but still they are made in China. Indeed, the import of toy products from China to the U.S. has turned into a huge business.

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So, if you are considering being a part of this opportunity, expect the fact that it is not going to be simple. However, there are some vital tips that can certainly help you make the process a lot easier.

  • Learn The International Trade Laws

Like any other business, the import trade requires a lot of money. You do not want to spend money down the toilet by doing frequent preventable mistakes for sure. Make sure to follow the importing guidelines for the U.S. and also exporting regulations China imposes. Determine how many Chinese toy products and games your country will allow you to source from China.

  • Explore What Your Country’s Toy Market Lack And Chinese Market Can Offer

Look for the best, high-quality, safest and most suitable imported toy products. Find out the latest trends prevailing in the games and toys niche. You perhaps would consider visiting China on your own to assess the toy market there. This way, you will have the opportunity to look for different retailers and toy merchants. However, it perhaps not be always possible for you to visit China personally. With regards to this aspect, you can solicit the help of a reliable sourcing agent in China.

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Remember that at this point, you just cannot commit the mistake of sourcing substandard toy products from China. Leeline sourcing can help!

  • Look For Highly Reputable Sourcing Agents

These sourcing agents deal with the import and export of products and often have offices in both regions in order to facilitate the importation process. Moreover, they have links that can help them deal with the customs charges and documentation.