Factors To Consider For Office Space

An office represents a brand. You can either own an office space or rent it. There are many shared offices in King west which can be chosen as a cost-cutting option.  The following are some of the factors to consider for office space:

Location of the office

A random place cannot be chosen as your office. You need to think about the accessibility of your office. Commuting is a real pain in metro cities and most employees do not want to waste time in commuting. The clients’ are equally adamant about traveling. Thus, your office should be in such location wherein the employees and clients can easily have an access to it. Contact private office rental in Toronto like orangeoffices.ca.

Price of the office space:

Budget is a crucial factor in selecting an office space. Too little price will leave you with a small office space which might be too congested. A heavy price will be a question mark on your pocket. You must be in a position to pay rent as well as advance or else you will have to vacate the office soon. Do check the hidden costs associated with the building owner. Maintenance cost and parking cost also are an added expense. Do check if the rent is inclusive of it or exclusive of it.  You should check the prices of other office spaces in the same area. This will give you a rough idea of the price that the office space deserves.

Size of space:

Yes, size plays a vital role in selecting an office space. If your headcount is more, you need to choose a large space. No one would like to work in a congested place. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too large such that most of space remains unoccupied. A 70 square feet per person is the normal thumb rule for a commercial space. If you are planning to expand your team, you must have enough space to accommodate them. The office must also have sufficient toilet rooms and meeting rooms.


The Internet is the essence of any business. One needs to have the strong internet connection to carry out the task. If you are planning to lease out the services, have a check on the costing. You must also ensure that the service operator that you are choosing has a strong network in your area. The service and quality of the brand are another crucial factor to be considered. Try out the speed test You should next concentrate on postal and telephone services.


Today, the decor of the offices matters a lot. Ask anyone about Apple and Microsoft setup, people would blindly vouch for these brands. Such is the power of a cool set-up. Your office should be in tune with the industry standards.

Hope this article has been useful to you. It is better to have a check on all the factors before renting an office. There are many private office rentals in Toronto wherein one can easily get a space at a low cost. It could be on the daily basis or monthly or yearly basis.