Four Types Of Bugs You May See In Tucson Arizona

Compared to our size, bugs are small organisms that really do not matter in this world of giants, right? Wrong. A small bug is enough to warrant irrational behavior even by an adult.

The environment of Arizona— hot climate makes it the perfect breeding ground for many bugs and pests. It is estimated that Arizona is home to around 451 types of bugs, which also plague other parts of the United States. No wonder it is labelled the “buggiest state” in the United States.

Although most of the pests are harmless unless provoked, ignoring professional pest control in Tucson might lead to pest infestations that can cause your family many problems. In some cases, a full house evacuation is needed to deal with the pests. Let us look at some of the bugs you should call for Tucson Arizona Pest Control—Responsible pest control services if discovered.


These yucky creatures can give anyone the chills especially when they fly. Arizona is a favourite breeding ground for the bugs and they can quickly invade your home. Since they normally breed in the sewers, they normally seek shelter when it rains, a space of 1/16th of an inch is enough to let them squeeze through and lead to the cockroach invasion in your home. Cockroaches, however, avoid homes that are treated for pests.

Bed bugs

If you have ever encountered these bloodsuckers, there is no need to tell you why you need to get rid of the bugs. Although they are not considered dangerous, bed bugs leave an itch and an uncomfortable rash. Bed bugs have become a major problem in hostels, homes, and dorms wings to the fact that they are very difficult to eradicate. DIY is not the best option, so professional pest control is the way to deal with them in Tucson.

Bees and Wasps

When you think about bees, you think about honey. Although some bees are harmless, Africanized bees are very dangerous when provoked. If you encounter a swarm or disturb their hive without knowledge it is advised you cover your face and take shelter. Bees and wasps are a common occurrence in Arizona and sometimes use homes to build their nests. These are not the kind of pests you can deal with on your own. It is advised to hire qualified pest control experts in Tucson.


Spiders are natural pest control and with the number of bugs found in Arizona alone, they are likely to thrive here. Arizona is home to many spider species, most of them are large but all of them are creepy. Although they are mostly harmless, their bite is quite painful. However, the main spiders you should stay away from are the tarantulas, although they are rarely found in homes.

With that in mind, most households use pesticides as a temporary solution and might not even work best in some situations. Therefore, the DIY approach is never the best methods to deal with them. So why not have professionals clear the pests for you. Responsible Pest Control, has the best technicians who go through months of training on pest control education at your service. If you are looking for pest control services in Tucson, Responsible Pest Control is the way to go. If it is your first time hiring pest experts, why not do it right the first time?