How Non-Profit Organizations And Charities Can Raise Money

Non-profit organizations and charities rely mainly on donations in order to be able to work towards their cause. While asking for money isn’t always easy, there are several other ways and events that can be planned in order to raise the needed funds.

Get the word out there

Yes, advertising doesn’t always need a huge budget! With social media taking over as an advertising tool, you can reach more people at a small cost in a fast and efficient way. Not only will you be able to deliver the message behind your program, but you’ll be able to target and reach the right people who might be interested in helping out. Mailing lists are also another easy and cost-efficient method to get the word out. You can also check with your local TV and radio stations for timeslots at reduced fees, and with luck, they might even give you a small spot for free!

Organize an event

With the help of your volunteers, another way to raise funds is to organize an event like a concert, play or party and sell tickets. Check with the venue for a discounted rent cost as well and try and find sponsors for food or drinks for example. You can also make deals with some venues by checking if they are willing to host a night while having a percentage of the revenue donated to your profit. Fundraiser events are a popular and great way to raise money as attendees will be able to help while being entertained.

Hold an auction

Auctions are easy to organize and set in place and can generate a huge profit. Items or services can be donated, whether by individuals or merchants, and auctioned for bids. Items can be anything from movie tickets, to dinners or even free massages. You can also use an online auction software to help you run things smoothly. The great thing about this tool is that it has no restrictions on the number of items and there are no commission fees.

Crowdfunding websites

If you have a cause or event, you can always try using a crowdfunding website. They are a great way to get your project out there and raise money for it. Share the link with your team members and use social media to increase your reach. Generous people are everywhere and help might come from where you least expect it.