How to Increase the Revenue as a Taxi Driver

How to Increase the Revenue as a Taxi Driver

There are so many taxi firms in our towns and cities here in the UK meaning that competition is high when it comes to taking on new clients and retaining existing ones. So, how can you as a taxi driver get ahead of your competitors and build a thriving taxi or private hire business and increase your revenue?

Well, if you are a taxi driver, there are set amounts that you are allowed to charge a customer depending upon a number of factors such as the length of a journey. So, how can you increase your income in other ways?

Quite simply, the more clients you have as a taxi Hull driver the greater your income will be. You need to attract new customers and retain your existing ones.

Attracting new customers can be done in a number of ways such as by advertising your services in a variety of publications such as the local press, in local magazines, leaflet drops in your working area and also by having your own website. You may also want a centrally located office that customers can walk into and request the services of a taxi driver.

You can also attract new clients as a result of being recommended by an existing customer. You may be pleasantly surprised at how often this can happen.

You need to build your relationship with your existing customers ensuring that you provide a quality service as, if you do, he or she is more likely to come back to use your services again in the future. Make your customers aware that you are available for a variety of jobs such as airport transfers, taking people to weddings, parties, restaurants, shopping trips and funerals to mention but a few.

If you ‘go that extra mile’ then it is more likely that the customer will use you again and that you will be recommended to friends and family. So, for instance, if you arranged several weeks ago to pick someone up at 3am on a Saturday morning to take them to the airport, ring them the day before to confirm the booking and just before you leave to pick them up on the Saturday morning send them a text to let them know that you are on your way to collect them. It is small things like this that make the difference and help you retain your existing customer base and thus increase your revenue as a taxi driver. You are also more likely to receive a tip.