How To Something Your Garth Brooks


Troyal Garth Brooks is better known as country singer Garth Brooks. He reached success with his first album release in 1989 and continues to enjoy success today. In fact, in 2016, the Garth Brooks concert schedule runs through July. Although Brooks retired in 2009, he returned to recording and performing in 2009. In 2014, Brooks began his comeback tour and released the album, Man Against the Machine.


Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to father Troyal Raymond Brooks (draftsman for an oil company) and mother Colleen McElroy Carroll (1950s Country singer). As a child Garth Brooks often competed in family talent nights although the music was not his first love.

Garth Brooks was more interested in sport than in music. He played football and baseball. He also enjoyed running track and field in athletics. Brooks won a scholarship to Oklahoma University and graduated in 1984 with a degree in advertising.

Ty England played the guitar in Garth Brooks band up until 1995 when he decided to go solo. England had been with Brooks since they were room mates in Oklahoma.

In 1988, Rod Phelps (entertainment attorney) drove from Dallas to listen to Brooks. As a result, he offered to produce Brooks first demo. Phelps encouraged Brooks to travel to Nashville. Garth Brooks released his first album in 1989 and this was an instant success reaching number 2 in the US Country album charts.


Garth Brooks first album reached number 2 in the US Country Album Chart. In addition, the same album also reached number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart. His success has not stopped with just his first album. Record sales have placed Garth Brooks as one of the worlds best selling artists of all times. His nearest rivals are reportedly The Beatles and Elvis Presley. No less than six of Brooks albums have reached platinum sales. These albums include.


Garth Brooks

No Fences

Ropin’ the Wind

The Hits


Double Life

The influence of Rock music in his country songs has proved popular among his fans making Garth Brooks one of the most popular songwriters and singer of all time.

Garth Brooms claims that he was more interested in Rock music than Country music. He lists the following artists as his influences

James Taylor

Townes Van Zandt

Dan Fogelberg

Even though he was influenced by rock, Garth Brooks claims that it was George Strait and his debut album, Unwound in 1981 that convinced him that he wanted to play country music.


Garth Brooks has become a popular country artist due to his Rock music influences. He has enjoyed and continues to enjoy fame and glory as a country singer all over the world. His comeback tour in 2014 and album have continued his recent success. Garth Brooks has become a household name in Country music and continues to enjoy success in all his music and his concerts today. He is a country singer who enjoys a fusion of country and rock music that speaks to people of all ages. 2016 tour tickets can be found on Ticket Founder.