Learn All That There Is About Gun Magazine Springs

Magazine springs are compression springs that have oval coils and is placed inside the magazine of a gun; these springs allow the bullets to move forward into the chamber. Every magazine spring is almost same in terms of its design and structure but for some certain firearms the length and the design of the spring is different.

For example a rifle has longer magazine as compared to the hand gun therefore a rifle’s spring will defiantly be longer. The number of coils and the amount of force that is exerting also varies in springs.

This difference in the design and the structure of the spring is because of the different functions that are expected from a gun, for a certain rate or speed the spring has to have different characteristics.

Basic factors that you must consider in a magazine spring:

For correctly installing a magazine and for using the right magazine in the right gun you must consider the following basic factors:

  1. The greatest width and the smallest width of the spring.
  2. The wire’s diameter must also be considered.
  3. The length of the overall spring.
  4. The number of coils and their closeness must also be checked.

Magazine spring and its relation to the working of the gun:

The spring directly affects the working of you gun therefore you must take care of your spring in order to get better results. Since the magazine spring is usually under serious pressure it needs frequent replacement otherwise problems like improper ejection, jamming, misfires etc. can occur.

Factors that affect the life of your magazine spring:

Some basic factors that actually affect your magazines life are few, if you consider these few factors, you can easily extend the life of your magazines spring.

  1. The quality of the material used:

Use of good quality spring will surely decrease the number of replacements that you need, but still you must annually change your gun’s spring to ensure better performance and results. A good quality spring is actually designed with techniques that allow them to bear the pressure and tension of the gun. Use of good material in springs will also prevent your spring from getting worn out.

  1. The frequency of usage:

A magazine that is loaded all the time such as the magazines of officials or the magazines of the security guards, get more fatigue than of those who use magazines once in a week. Thus if you keep you magazine loaded all the time then you might need to replace them more frequently as the bullets present in the magazine exert pressure that can damage your spring.

  1. The design and model of the gun:

The design of the gun also effect the spring life, for example in old guns the target was not to have the maximum capacity as a result the magazines do have more space so that springs were not compressed for longer duration and as a result the spring last longer. For handguns crafted with the very best gun magazine technology, and to purchase AR-15 magazines, as well as other rifles, ammo, accessory, and tactical equipment visit palmettostatearmory.com.

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