Limiting Wasted Time As A Result of IT-Issues In The Office

Limiting Wasted Time As A Result of IT-Issues In The Office

One of the most common business principles has always been ‘time is money.’ Another way to interpret this then, might be that wasting time is also wasting money. Unfortunately for organizations everywhere, there is often a great deal of time wasted in the office. Recent studies have indicated that the most common way employees waste their time at work is by using their cellphones. Other major distractions are browsing the internet and gossiping with other employees. Perhaps one of the hardest challenges to work through in regards to wasting time, however, is IT-related issues in the office.

Just how severe of an issue are IT-related stresses to employees? The typical employees wastes nearly 22 minutes per day on solving their IT-related hiccups. This may not seem like a lot per day, but it definitely adds up! How does more than an hour and a half of wasted time at work sound per week? Or worse, nearly two weeks of wasted time per year as a result of IT-related challenges? This amount of wasted time can truly be detrimental to a number of businesses.

Just what are some of the challenges experienced though? A majority of issues range across both mobile and desktop devices. 70% of mobile users will experience poor Wi-Fi or mobile network coverage. A separate 63% will indicate that their device’s battery life isn’t up to standard and it’s hindering their work. Another 62% of employees will face frequent app crashes that stop them from completing tasks. While 44% of employees will possess hardware that reboots randomly on their own, which can result in loss of quality work and time.

The scariest part about these statistics, though? Is that a majority of employees don’t even report the issues they experience with their devices. 90% of those that do, indicate that it will take at least half an hour to resolve the problem. This can cause stress in employees who will then feel behind and unable to keep up with their typical productivity levels. This stress, in turn, will keep employees distracted for an average of about 23 minutes. Thus having an even greater overall impact on their productivity.

Luckily there are a number of ways that organizations can keep employees on task despite their IT-related challenges. The resource accompanying this post has all of the information necessary to reduce the amount of time spent solving these problems in addition to ways to enhance productivity. Ultimately, focus on updating hardware consistently, a solid cyber-security foundation, in addition to a stable internet connection to mitigate these issues. For more information, be sure to reference the resource attached. Courtesy of Time Technology.