Is Your Minimal Injury Eligible For Workers Comp Benefits?

Workers compensation was put in place to protect the everyday American worker. You would be surprised at how many workers experience what seems to be a minimal injury on the job and they choose to overlook it. In time, that minimal injury worsens causing them daily pain or even interferes with their work and personal tasks. By the time they realize they should have gotten their “minimal” injury looked at by a doctor, it is usually too late to get compensated through workers comp even though the injury was work related.

Don’t Brush It Off

A dear friend of mine worked at a landscaping company on the grounds crew for a college. It was springtime and there was plenty of clean up needing done before planting new flowers and such.

While cutting down old dry bushes with a chainsaw, a piece of the dry bush flew into my friends eye. My friend couldn’t open his eye and felt the need to go to the eye doctor to have a professional remove the piece of bush from his eye. He stopped working immediately and walked into the eye doctor while keeping his injured eye shut.

The doctor was able to remove the item from his eye with in a few minutes. The doctor said it was a good thing he came in when he did and held still until he got here. He said the eye had minimal damage with a couple minor scratches but if he had attempted to remove the item on his own he could have had more scratches possibly on his retina.

Take Care Of Yourself

My friend sent in the small charge from the doctor’s office to his employer to put through workers comp and his employer was a little upset with him. It was a good thing my friend understood he was entitled to workers compensation and went straight to the doctor that day. Even though his employer was a tiny bit irritated about the cost, it didn’t matter because they were fully responsible for the injury. He learned that day that money was more important to his employer than his safety.

My friend was wearing protective glasses and followed all safety procedures and still got injured, but that’s exactly what workers comp is for. For those accidents on the job.

Things To Be Prepared With When Injured:

  • Make note of the time, date, and place of your injury with specific details of the circumstance. Ie: were you following all safety procedures? Etc.
  • Inform your employer as soon as possible
  • Keep track of every doctor visit and bill that occurs when seeking treatment

Find A Workers Comp Attorney

If your workers compensation claim is denied don’t get discouraged. Seek out a Fort Wayne workers compensation attorney. You should be compensated for the injury including medical bills that accrue and compensation for time lost from work while recovering. A workers comp attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve.