Patriots Energy Group Inc.

Investing in America. It’s an interesting concept, and one very popular now in today’s political climate. Simply put, investing is when someone spends his or her resources (money, time, energy, etc.) on a subject in the hopes of getting a bigger return.

Sounds easy enough. But how do we invest in America? What can we do to make America great?

At Patriots Energy Group Inc., located in Salt Lake City,the men and women are doing just that by increasing America’s energy independence one day at a time.

Today, they are looking at employing new technology for more efficient discoveries and developments of oil. Patriots Energy Group Inc. wants to use state of the art technology to make drilling for oil a more focused endeavor (as opposed to random sites with fingers crossed for luck) in order to minimalize waste and risk. Right now, the company isworking at the Illinois Basin, which actually encompasses parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. This location might seem odd. After all, the usual big states for oil production are Texas and California. However, Patriots Group Energy Inc.’s technology has identified this location as having similar characteristics of other high-yield oil sites in the United States, and so far, their research has paid off. Right now, their success rate is at an astronomical ninety percent. In fact, the unlikely state of Illinois has produced four billion barrels to this day.

As a bonus, Patriots Energy Group Inc. has also benefited from multiple pay-zones. This happens when the target formation (i.e., the New Albany Shale) has producers in the formations above and below it, allowing for even greater yield.

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A method that this company has been using is horizontal drilling. It is more expensive than vertical wells, but it has a much greater yield and is generally more reliable. Another reason for their success is their economic-based strategy. Patriots Energy Group Inc. goes to sites where recover costs are low, so as to maximize returns. One way to do that is to have patience and do your research. Patriots Energy Group Inc. spends a lot of time looking through producing field deals in search of the perfect one. Then, even after finding that gem, they spend even more time negotiating the deal before closing it. All of this is very time consuming. However, the rewards are definitely worth it. Today, in addition to the Illinois Basin, Patriots Energy Group Inc. also owns two wells in Kentucky’s Breckingridge and Mead Counties. Both those wells are horizontal wells, with a pay zone of twenty-five hundred feet. Mattingly Well, in Mead County, has done especiallywell, with a seventy-two percent net revenue interest.

Patriots Energy Group Inc. is a lean, efficient, and competitive player in the oil and gas industry. They are committed to excellence and quality. They are ambitious in making America great again. They have spent millions of dollars investing in drill sites and have made great returns. They have invested in America. Now the question is, will you?