Protect Your Floors And Carpets The Easy Way

When doing any type of building work or even decorating, there is always the problem of how to protect the floor covering from damage and dirt. Of course the old fashioned way, which was the method used by many over a long period of time was to cover the surface with a dust sheet or perhaps even an old pair of curtains; in fact anything that served the purpose would do. Now, with this method you had to be extremely careful not to get your feet tangled up in the material otherwise you risked having a nasty accident; something that needs to be avoided at all cost. Imagine tripping whilst carrying a 5 litre tin of paint or perhaps suffering a fall whilst carrying a rather sharp saw; the idea does not bear thinking about in terms of the damage that could be caused to either the carpet or the person.

Nowadays we do have the option of a specifically designed product that does the job far better and in a safer manner. TIMco have produced a range of Surface Protection Film to protect a variety of surfaces from damage, so if it’s your carpet you want to protect from splashes of paint when decorating then choose the Carpet Protection Film. It’s a highly effective self adhesive film that can be left in place for up to 30 days before removal. It’s also useful for protecting your carpets if you are moving house so the removal team don’t leave dirt throughout the home. Use it too if you plan to have a party and you won’t need to worry about damage to your carpets from drinks and other substances.

It is also available as a Glass Protection Film that peels off leaving no residue as well as a Surface Protection Film too.