Providing Valuable Input At Meetings

Meetings are a time for teams to come together and try to solve a pressing issue. From trying to make a big decision that will affect the business to simply checking in on a project, meetings are where ideas should be shared and taken into consideration freely.

Providing valuable input at meetings is a great way to get your voice heard and to get the room talking. Following these tips will allow you to offer new perspectives to meetings so everyone can grow together.

Keep It Relevant

Many people feel the need to talk at meetings so they can feel like they added at least something to the overall conversation. However, talking and speaking out simply for the purpose of making sure people know you are there will just drive them to not appreciate your future input.

Instead of just talking because you want to fill some silence, make sure you are offering up information and ideas that will help the group reach the goal of the Atlanta Coworking space more efficiently. Add points to what someone else was saying or add new perspective to give the whole group a new perspective.

Keep it Positive

Nobody wants to go into a meeting where one person is constantly putting others down and is not there to reach a common ground. These people are often shunned by others on the team as their negative attitudes and comments don’t do anything to actually help the team.

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Offer your positive praise and encouragement to others and you will be amazed at their motivation to work harder through Atlanta meeting space. People often don’t get enough praise for their hard work and it will get everyone motivated to work harder if you are keeping the energy positive.

Keep it Simple

Offering input as needed to a meeting can keep things from getting bland and unproductive. If you feel the urge to add in a comment or suggestion, keeping it simple will allow people to fully process and understand what you have to offer so that it can be implemented more effectively.

Blabbering on and on about a point that could be summarized by just one sentence is going to waste everyone else’s time and energy very quickly. make your points simple and concise so people feel confident that you know what you are talking about. Saying less often shows others that you know what you are talking about.

Get it From others

This last point is almost counterintuitive when compared to the other ways to provide input, but it is just as important. Giving your own personal input helps your voice to be heard in a meeting but, asking others for their input can help everyone gain a new perspective.

Some people are shy and reluctant to share their thoughts, so asking them directly for input gives them a free outlet to speak out. This will not only be greatly appreciated by them for offering the helping hand, but the whole group will be better off with new ideas entering the room.