Searching Arabic names discarding the differences between “ة” , “ه”, etc

I am storing Arabic names in my database. In Arabic, there are some letters that may be written in different forms such as “ا”، “أ”، “آ” it all represent the same letter. Also, “ه” ، “ة”.

I need to search the database for names, ignoring the differences between “ا”، “أ”، “آ” and also the differences between “ه” ، “ة”.

So, for example when user enters in the search box “اسامة”, it should return “أسامة”، “اسامة”، “أسامه، “اسامه … etc. Another example, “فايز”، “فائز” should return both.

How could I do that using SQL Server? How can I search for similar names, not the same name?

I tried using the LIKE keyword, but it’s not working:

select * from employee WHERE fname like "%أسامة%" and mname="علي" and lname="الجاسم"