Some Of The Places Where Luke Bryan Going To Perform In 2016

Those who like the American country singer, Luke Bryan, will know about his latest tour, Kill the light 2016 tour that has started in February 2016. He announced his new tour on his website in October and tickets start selling in November. Here are some of Luke Bryan Performance Schedule for this tour, for those who don’t know the schedule yet.

The tour started in February

Kill the Lights 2016 tour started in February 18 when the opening night was in Evansville, United States at the Ford Center. The center can take about 8 500 people at a time, and there were 8 500 tickets of the concert sold. So, this means that the show was sold out.


The February shows were done on February 27 in Uncasville, United States at the Mohegan Sun Arena. This arena can hold up to 13 449 people, and all 13 449 tickets were sold, before the concert night.

The other tour nights

The tour in March starts on March 8 in Las Cruces, The United States at the Pan American Center. There were just four shows that Luke Bryan held during March.

In April, there are going to be a total of 12 shows. Everyone is in the United States. And, many are thinking that the tickets of these shows are also going to be sold out, beforehand.

In May there are going to be a total of 7 shows, still in the United States of America. And, there are 9 shows in June. Most of these shows are in the United States, except for on June 24 and June 25. Then, the shows are in Toronto, Canada.

In July there are going to be 12 concerts, and in August there are going to be 9 shows overall. During the month of September Luke Bryan will hold 8 shows. The last show will be on October 29 in Detroit, at the Ford Field and people are predicting that this night is also going to be sold out.

Luke Bryan is going to have concerts in the United States and in some parts of Canada. There are many concerts that are going to be held during the 9 month Kill the Light 2016 tour. There are going to be 68 tours to be exact. People can get the exact performance schedule at and at Luke Bryan’s website.