The Best Google Smart Devices to Buy In 2022

The Best Google Smart Devices to Buy In 2022

As the year comes to an end, let’s round up some of Google’s best smart devices in 2021 shall we? Smart homes have become increasingly common, and very easy to convert your traditional homes into. That is because smart home devices are easily available and very reasonably priced at the same time – with there being no need to make great installations or carry out any renovations. It takes around 30 minutes to install these devices, by yourselves might we add, and have them operational.

Who would’ve thought Google would become more than the world’s favorite search engine? Over the years Google has diversified into different industries – one being of smart products. Here are 4 of Google’s best smart home products, which you can also find at first engery home.

1. Best Router: The Google Nest Wi-Fi

Traditional single routers aren’t as reliable. With their limited coverage that ideally also depends on their placement, the connection becomes weak as you move further away. Adding extenders can increase the coverage but take a toll on the performance.

With Google Nest Wi-Fi, one single device provides its users with full home coverage, as well as strong connectivity throughout, no matter which part of the house you are in or how many devices are connected. If you’re especially tech-savvy and utilize more than one smart device like for instance, smart speakers, smart voice assistants, smart thermostats, or smart smoke detectors, a strong and reliable connection is essential to keep these devices running without any lags. The Nest Wi-Fi Router can either be purchased as one individual router, a router and one point or multiple points to cover an even wider area than usual. Points act as range extenders providing seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, and can even double as smart speakers with a built in Google Assistant.

2. Best Smart Thermostat: The Nest Thermostat

Having a smart home with multiple electronic devices can rack up your energy bill, and adding the thermostat consumption on top of that is sure to make it much higher. Unlike regular thermostats, smart thermostats like the Google Nest Thermostat can help you save up on energy. Not only will it be easy on the pocket but also great for the environment as well – consider it an investment into your home.

The Nest Thermostat can turn itself down once it detects that you’re not at home thanks to built-in motion sensors. Additionally, by creating a schedule through the smartphone app, users can easily set timings for the thermostat to follow throughout the day or week, and in the process it can adjust the temperature accordingly and can even turn itself down to save energy. Since pre-made schedules are set and given that you can access the thermostat from the Google Home app, you can come back home to a cozy atmosphere. Additionally with the Nest thermostat, you can enable voice control and easily change the temperature with a single voice command. Users can also receive notifications directly to their smartphones such as maintenance reminders or to change their air filtration systems when necessary.

3. Best Smoke Detectors: The Google Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is one of those smart smoke alarms that you can hush in the case of a false alarm directly from your smartphone, without having to manually do it yourself. The Nest Protect can speak to you and let you know where a fire or potential danger has been detected, so it alerts users beforehand in case there is the need to evacuate the premises. Additionally, this feature can be the most helpful because it allows for people to handle the situation before it can aggravate.

Like every other smart device, the Nest Protect can be accessed through the Google Home app. Any time the alarm detects anything, the device sends a notification on the app, alerting users in real time whether they are home or away. The Nest Protect has the added functionality of detecting both fast-burning and smoldering fires and also Carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that can be hazardous to your health if there is no proper ventilation in the house.

4. Best Smart Speaker: The Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is one of the best smart speakers available on the market considering its price point and the features it brings along with it. With its compact size and sleek design, it can fit into any home aesthetic. The Nest Mini allows users to easily stream their favorite movies on a smart TV and listen to their music playlists from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and other compatible music apps, all with simple voice commands. It syncs to all other Smart Devices present in a home, which means it enables voice command for all connected devices.

Users can also set alarms or create reminders from across the room because the Nest Mini comes with an improved voice recognition system. Likewise the Nest Mini is easily the best option for a smart speaker when you’re on a budget and already use a lot of Google’s applications such as Gmail and Calendar because it can automatically sync to them.

If this isn’t convincing enough then head on over to and see for yourself. Google may be the best search engine to exist ever, and there may be other great options of smart home devices available in the markets, but who said Google can’t be the best at something else?