The Risks And Dangers Associated With Drunk Driving

Millions of people across the globe drive drunk and do not know the harm behind this dangerous action. Most of the people deny any consequence of driving under influence and are sure to drive safely. But that’s not the case. Many times people end up hitting cars and other vehicles or are found driving insanely on roads. When checked and investigated by police, thousands of people are found to be guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs and are arrested on the spot as it is considered a criminal offence in almost every state. Driving when drunk not only puts the driver’s life at risk but may also affect the life of those who come across while driving.

Lack of decision making

Alcohol and other addictive drugs affect people in ways that alters their ability to judge, and perceive depth. Major motor skills are impaired under the influence of alcohol and the result is poor driving. The lack of decision making often results in accidents as the person is unable to decide where to get the car and how. If police takes notice of such driving they may charge the driver with a DUI. Although it’s better than getting into an accident but such a charge usually impairs normal functioning of daily life as one has to face serious consequences. On many cases people are arrested on the spot and have to serve jail sentence. Other are required to pay heavy fines along with completing hours doing community service.

Avoid driving when drunk

People have to be educated and counseled about the risks and dangers associated with drunk driving. They have to be taught the many harms of driving drunk so that they ditch the idea of driving under influence and take a cab instead. Friends or family members can be asked to drop you home instead of driving under influence so as to avoid the risks to your life and escape the DUI charges that might be imposed if police finds you guilty. Driving itself is a difficult and complex activity that requires alertness coupled with active motor skills and eye hand coordination. When under influence of alcohol, such skills are impaired and risks to life are increased. It is better not to drive instead of paying heavy fees to Toronto drunk driving lawyers when charged with DUI offense.

DUI charge

DUI or driving under influence is an act of riding a vehicle with an increased amount of alcohol in the blood as opposed to the amount that state declares legal. If a person is arrested under a DUI charge, state imposes certain fines and penalties that are quite difficult to confront. A person may lose his driving license, get a criminal record for life, and have to pay heavy fines plus the fees of the lawyer. People charged with repeated DUI charges have to face much severe penalties including jail sentence for 2 to 3 years.

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