The top exchange markets for bitcoins to dollars compared

Using such services as Alpha Cashier is very important if you want to purchase or sell bitcoins, but in order to do that it’s crucial to ensure that you find the right exchange market to perform these actions.


One of the first things you need to take into account when you purchase or sell bitcoins is surely the fees. These differ based on the exchange markets, but you need to know that ItBit comes with the highest fee out of them all, 0.5%, whereas Bitstamp, Bitfinex and OKCoin are cheaper, but LocalBitcoins and Coinbase are free of charge when it comes to fees.



The exchange has a massive trading volume that amounts around 1,557,657 BTC worth of bitcoins, and through this platform you can sell as well as buy bitcoins without issue. Once you order, the platform will try to find an appropriate offer, which means that the results are professional and well worth it. With a processing fee of 0.2%, you won’t pay a lot of money to matter how much you purchase.


This was originally a Slovenian product that has shifted to the UK. It’s an alternative focused mostly on Europe and it has one of the highest trading values on the bitcoin market. It’s important to note that this particular exchange was hacked recently and it lost around $5 million worth of bitcoin, which will be reimbursed to the users. Still, this makes it a little uncertain to purchase from them, considering the security issues.


This exchange is one of the largest bitcoins markets. If you trade less than 500 BTC  you will pay a fee of 0,20%, but the neat thing here is that you can use a percent allocation management module that enables you to be a money manager for other users, and implement a good trading strategy regardless. This platform also suffered a hacker attack, but it has been repaired since then.


Coinbase has an increased popularity because the lack of fees, although they do plan to add some soon. This is one of those such services as Alpha Cashier, which makes it useful for purchasing coins via bank transfers in a multitude of European countries and the US. It’s suitable for credit cards as well, and the purchase/selling process is made very convenient right from the start.


ItBit trades thousands of bitcoins per day, and it’s a reliable bitcoin trading platform, but the main issue comes from the fact that it has a large trading fee, as well as other charges that makes it a little pricey and not that efficient to begin with.


LocalBitcoins doesn’t require any fees, but since the prices are set by the sellers, these can easily go well beyond the market rate, so prices do tend to fluctuate often when working on LocalBitcoins. Also, it’s important to know that the LocalBitcoins platform was hacked multiple times and it also has a lot of server downtime sometimes, something that you need to take into account.


OKCoin is China’s largest bitcoin exchange and it has a good payment method, but the best part about it is that it hasn’t any deposit fees, which is cool.

These are the services such as Alpha Cashier that you need to take into account when trading with bitcoins. All of these services have their ups and downs, so we recommend you to check them out and try to use all of them, as you are bound to appreciate the results they are currently offering!