The Zodiac Billionaire; What Are The Business Skills In Each Zodiac

We all have a hidden Phunsuk Bangdu in ourselves that wants to unleash itself in its most heroic moments. But somehow we fear to break the conventions. But that’s what it is all about, breaking the conventions. A business is not an easy thing to do. Nor is to work for a business. It requires equal amounts of hard work, compassion and shrewdness. Let’s see how much is each of the Zodiacs carved out for any business and what may be the certain businesses that they might excel in doing.


Aries are enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant and hence can harness it all while doing business. They have the guts and potential to make it big. They know how to rake in the profits, deal in a contract and attract a large number of people by their energetic endeavours.

CONGLOMERATE: They have good hands over advertising and broadcasting businesses.


Taurus, denote a much laid back attitude. They have the potential to actually visualise the future and make perfect predictions. They get to work in a very relaxed and a very stable manner, giving way to each person to come and showcase their talents. They can manage interpersonal relationships.

CONGLOMERATE: They can make it great in public services, tours and travels and catering.


Gemini have the perfect level of intellect that might help them establish a business. They master the art of deadlines and can build up a positive pressure over their employees to make it to the top. They know very well to handle and manage the numbers.

CONGLOMERATE: They are very great at share market, information technology and networking.


Cancer have a very sensitive side. They will make sure that they set up a business with a lot of emotional investment in it and will treat it like their own babies. Cancers have the potential to provide nurture and care and they can work well with a wide range of employees.

CONGLOMERATE: They make it large in fields like Hospitality, Hotels, Human Rights Activism, and Mass Teaching


Leo are the fearless group of people. They are not afraid to take risks and know the certainty that their efforts are going to pay off. They are amazing leaders, with a mass attraction attitude. They are inspirational, individualistic and very much independent.

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CONGLOMERATE: They might do great in fields like Fashion, Designing, Real Estate and Stock Market.


They are pretty perfectionist people. They have a hand in making things a level of Midas touch. They make sure of the subtlest of nuances and they will get to the basic details, making it as perfect as possible. They come with a lot of fresh and novel ideas.

CONGLOMERATE: They may do great in sectors like Publishing, Analytics, Banking and Liquors


Libras have a great mind, to balance out things. They know how to keep calm and work and work in the way of making things stable. They know how to wait for the fruits of labour. They are hard workers and know that a stable mindset makes sure to change the game.

CONGLOMERATE: They can do great in Music, Travel and tourism, Marketing and Foreign Diplomacy.


Scorpio have immense dedication to the work that they do. They actually make great investment of time, money, sweat and blood to the project that they once might take up. They make sure that they see through the plan. They are intuitive and logical.

CONGLOMERATE: They have a knack for Education, Hospitality, Detective agency and Foods and Beverages.


Sagittarius are so much zealous and full of energy that they can pull over the talent of any person and let them harness it into a good will. They great decision making power and know the strings to pull to crack a deal. They are great with finances too.

CONGLOMERATE: They are good in Public Services, Automobiles, and Banking and Scientific conglomerates.


Capricorn are the people who have a sharp sense of the market. They are very ambitious and mercenary, with a hand that docks the money making fortunes. They love to move in challenging terrains and hence reaching to ideas that many other people may not have reached.

CONGLOMERATE: They are great at Publishing, Advertising, Banking and Information Technology.


Capricorns are the explorers amongst the Zodiacs when it comes to business. They have the brave to pull over risks and wait for the outcome. They are adventurous and always put some fresh seed into the business. They are humanitarian and amiable with people.

CONGLOMERATE: They are very great in Agricultural industry, Designing and Organic Food industry.


Pisces are the dreamy group of people. If they want they can make it large in business. They are visionaries, with multiple influxes of new ideas. They tend to put a lot of emotional sentiments in their work, and consider their job to be of utmost value.

CONGLOMERATE: They are great fits for Arts and Crafts, Medicine, Hospitality among other.