Top Reasons Why Home Security Is Essential

According to statistics, only 15 percent of the overall household in the country have security systems despite the fact that it offers protection and peace of mind. Home security options are meant to fight off burglary, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fire. Without proper home security, you will always worry about your and your family’s safety and security.

It is definitely preferable to have the home security products and services. It is even more so when these are offered by reputable security companies. Your home security options is even more preferable if it is one that includes around-the-clock professional monitoring. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind why it is a great idea to monitor your home.


Fire Hazards

Statistics show that, on average, there are seven people who die every day due to home fires. A good 60 percent of the home fire deaths tally occurred in those houses that do not have any smoke alarms. In addition, half of the home fire deaths occurred in the hours between 11 pm and 7 am. There is an estimated number of 366,600 homes that suffered property damage due to fire too.

Property Crime

It has been shown that the homes without any home security options are three times highly likely to be broken into and burglarized. Just in 2012 alone, there were an estimate of 8.9 million crimes to property reported to the authorities. The victims of these property crimes suffered millions of losses. If statistics are considered, there will be eight homes burglarized within the two-minute commercial break on the TV. 66 percent of the overall cases of burglaries are residential cases.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide has been considered as the silent killer ever since long ago. It is a substance that cannot be smelled, tasted, or seen. In just one year, carbon monoxide can tally between 200 to 700 deaths just for unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Considering that there are an estimated 115 million residential houses in the country, only 38 million carbon monoxide detectors are installed. The lack of these detectors in homes can be really dangerous.

With these figures and statistics laid out, you will see how important it really is to have a home security at home. You can look for home security products at the nearest security homes or even online. Another option is to hire guards suitable for guarding your home. You can go to to ask for help in improving the security of your home.