Summer Jobs

Professional Toronto Job Agencies Explain How to Get Summer Jobs

Summer is always a favorable season to search for temporary or part-time jobs. It’s when most of the colleges send new graduates for internships, which later on translated into long-term employment- if things go well.

As opposed to the above facts, a study proved that teens are not inclined towards getting summer jobs anymore. Only 35% decided to work on these jobs in 2017. Also, another fact was revealed that 5.7 million working teens got jobs in different industries during 2018, compared to 8.1 million in 2000. In summation, researchers also concluded that number of entry-level jobs are decreasing day by day and more students are keen to find more opportunities in unpaid internships. All newcomers have to do is to find out who is suffering and plan their job hunt accordingly.

Amazing Perks and Benefits

For everyone, who is looking for a rewarding and interesting job, it’s crucial to find a company has doesn’t only offer good pay initially but also offer incredible employee perks and benefits. There are a lot of summer jobs that have flexible work schedules, free state park admissions, free food, amusement centers, opportunity to work outdoors and free movie passes.

Some companies also have the same money-saving facilities for summer and part-time workers, just like they used to offer to permanent employees. They have realized the fact that it’s good to provide cost-effective perks to new employees than to pay high turnovers. This way, they can retain some of the skilled workers for a long time period.

College Credits and Internships

Professional credit units and college credits are always encouraging for individuals who are struggling to make their careers. They even have the opportunity to grab bonus by providing extraordinary services. According to Toronto job agencies, many students can work on internships to earn hourly wages, stipends or bonuses.

Other Perks

Companies offer various low-cost and free employee benefits to workers joining in summers. They range from onsite daycare, free fitness support to discount programs for family events, regional services and the likes.

Negotiation for Summer Benefits

There are quite a few benefits announced in advertisements for summer jobs but that doesn’t mean that these jobs come without benefits. Rather, it means that more details will be disclosed at the time of interview. Also, there are some employers who believe that permanent employees have the rights to ask about these benefits.

Ask Current Employees About Benefits

Job seekers are recommended to explore about companies offering summer benefits from their social networks or those individuals who are currently working there. Glassdoor and LinkedIn can be trusted sources for such information. People can easily tell what benefits these companies offer and how they can use these details to negotiate with the employers.

Keep in mind that part-time workers are limited to certain perks and benefits. They cannot expect everything same as being offered to permanent workers.

Take Support from a Temp Agency

Last but not the least, talking with a job agency about temp summer jobs is another step towards winning them. Job seekers must always communicate with these agencies in order to ensure successful hire with satisfactory perks and benefits.