What Type Of Meat Will Be Best To Cook

Here at www.halaladvisory.ca we will share with you a few tips.

When buying pork, you should pay attention to the color of the meat. It should be light-red or have some reddish shades, while bacon should be solid and white. In addition, the selection of meat depends on what you are preparing so you need to know what you will be cooking first and then choose the type of meat.

Pork neck or ridge is suitable for roasting and, and the best one is with bones because it has a better and more intense taste. Cutlets and chips are the best choice for barbecue, and in addition, the neck can be dried and cooked to combine with cloves, stews and sour cabbage.

In contrast to the neck, the blade is better prepared without bone because it has thicker fibers and more tendons, and cooking lasts longer. It is the most tasty if it is sour or cooked as a goulash.

The chest can be dried and used as a supplement to welds, and you can cut it into a pocket with vegetables or minced meat and bake in the oven.

Batter and bacon
The bruise, stomach and raw ribs are great for barbecue or sage, and smoked are the best in cooked meals. Bacon is a good addition to breakfasts and other cooked dishes, and if you overestimate it, it does not need to be salted additionally. It will add a great taste to every dish.
The bacon is used fresh or smoked. Fresh is ideal for dressing or wrapping vegetables and fats, smoked for goulash and cheese.


Ribs are usually sold salted, and most often cooked or baked on the grill.

Pork Butt Cut
But it is first-class and lean meat, and it is divided into the middle part of the butt, the lower part, the pork rose and the bacon with the ham. The middle part is suitable for sausages and roasting, bottom for roasts, and pork roses are dried, prepared as roast and used for fondues. From the bacon to the ham, delicious ham in the wrapper are made. But it can also be used for goulash.


Pork beefsteak or lung is the most priced piece of pork because it is the smallest and most expensive. It is used for steak, medallions, and due to its softness, it is suitable for roasting, grilling and frying.


Chest, neck and legs should be cooked longer than other parts because the muscles are the most developed, while the back, thighs and are more suitable for roasting and grilling.

Chest and ribs
Beef chests are divided into three parts, the central, back and top part. The middle part is best for soup preparation, the back can be sip and the top is used for goulash, baking and cooking.

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