What an SAP Ariba Consultant Has to Offer

What an SAP Ariba Consultant Has to Offer

One of the best things a company can do for itself is to hire an SAP Ariba consultant to help the dial in and navigate their investment. In order to get the most out of the platform, it is important to know and understand every aspect of it and the way that it works.

Without the help of a seasoned professional, there will be much room for error and the chance of missing out on some of the functions that save time, resources, and money. Since this platform was developed to enhance the very life force of every business, it is crucial to make sure that it is properly installed and set up.

Understanding the Platform

The SAP Ariba platform is much more than a typical software application that a person can simply download and install on their machine without guidance. Of course, it is very user-friendly and is not impossible to use, however, the more that the person running the show knows how to adjust settings, set parameters, and run functions the better off the company will be.

Most business owners, CEOs, and other types of bosses that run companies only fully understand what they do for the company they are running. As for understanding all of the functions that go on, in addition to the way that the software that they use works business owners just don’t know. This is why they hire people to do it for them.

A consultant can not only help the people that are going to be using it understand how it works, but also give valuable insight on how to get the most out of all of the functions that it has to offer.

Understanding functions such as:

  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Payment
  • Management

Gives the consultant an advantage when it comes to setting up variables and parameters that help to pinpoint the needs of the company with precision.

SAP Ariba Sourcing

In addition to the multitude of exceptional functions that the platform has to offer, smart sourcing is a powerful solution that can be dialed in so that the company can get the most beneficial sources available to them without having to waste time sifting through unnecessary vendors.

Part of the platform is powered by brilliant artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn the things to look for that are most beneficial for the company. Of course, this type of technology does not think for itself (yet) but if it is handled by a person with expertise, it can be programmed to perform tasks that would take a team of human beings hours within minutes.

The consultant can strategically implement settings and parameters that are unique to the needs of the business, based on what information they get straight from the company, then tweak the software to get the most effective results for every query.

Since the consultant will not only be familiar with the software, they will also be educated about the procurement process and how to get the most out of every cycle. The SAP Ariba platform can be directed to minimize risk by using information that it collects, analyzes, and saves over time. If this function is set up properly in the beginning, it will continue to seek savings and promote revenue as it continues to move forward.

Integration of Platforms

One of the greatest functions of the SAP Ariba platform is that it has the ability to combine all of the platforms and what they do for the business into one centralized hub. Although this may not seem like such a big deal, but not all software applications like each other.

In order to get as many platforms to work together in harmony, it takes a person with a certain level of expertise to make it happen. When all of the existing platforms and applications can work together in a way that allows the company to do all that it needs to do from one centralized location as opposed to logging into and operating 10 different portals at once at any given moment, it saves everybody a lot of time, headaches, and energy.

The consultant will be able to show the company how to utilize the integration functionality of the platform so that everybody will be able to work flawlessly and without interruption.

The SAP Ariba network | DSM & Suppliers

The Supplier Management Function

It goes without saying that the SAP Ariba platform is a highly-sophisticated software application that has some of the most powerful functions that the business world has ever seen. Take into consideration the amount of effort it took for a person to develop a piece of software that could actually manage suppliers.

Many of the suppliers that are sources for the business are attached to a contract agreement that was initiated at the beginning of the relationship. Of course, each source will have different characteristics and stipulations agreed upon in the contracts.

In addition to the financial terms of a contract, the length of the contract is part of the deal too. When a company has literally thousands of suppliers that all have different stipulations it is difficult to keep track.

One of the key elements that the SAP Ariba platform has to offer is t that it can keep track of every number, every date, every parameter, and every single change that happens within the platform.

The only way that management function will be of any value is if it is configured correctly and efficiently from the beginning. Of course, the way to set up suppliers and contracts is not a secret, but a consultant can show the company how to do it all the right way so that nobody has to go back and fix it later.

Administration of the Platform

As with any other large software platform, there will be an administration side of it. This is the place where all of the settings for the core of the business functionality will be housed. For example, there will be users and administrators of the software.

Only a certain choice few people will have access to financial power and the ability to move money or sensitive information around. During the initial administration process, there will be a lot of questions for the administrator that is taking on the task.

A consultant will be able to guide the administrator through the administration process, which will be allowing permission for certain individuals to have access to various parts of the platform. Setting up users, passwords, permissions, and restrictions will all be part of how the program allows different people to make changes…or not make changes.

Although there all types of platforms out there that may not require the need for assistance when initiating the first setup, it is best to get the help of a consultant with setting up a platform that has such sensitive information and the capacity to either make or break the entire company.


We could probably go on and on about what a great consultant can bring to the table in regards to an SAP Ariba implementation, but it is more than obvious that it is much better to get a consultant and get the platform set up the right way than to set the platform up wrong and have to hire somebody to come in and fix it. One of the best things that a consultant can provide for a company is knowledge and peace of mind.