What Is The Difference Between Car Struts And Shocks?

What Is The Difference Between Car Struts And Shocks?

You will realize the car struts and shocks’ value when you drive through an uneven path. Although these two car parts are frequently mentioned together, they are separate pieces that each play an essential role in keeping your car robust and safe.

This article should clarify the distinction between shocks and struts if you’ve been unclear about it. But first, let’s spend some time defining a shock and a strut, along with their functions, and discuss their useability.

Are Car Struts And Shocks Similar?

Nowadays, every moving vehicle includes a suspension system composed of numerous discrete components, such as springs and struts. For example, when a vehicle hits a roadside obstacle, springs support the car and soften the impact.

The struts limit the springs’ vertical motion or travel while also absorbing or soaking up the impact of road obstacles. Since shocks and struts perform the same function, they frequently refer to the same component.

However, the shocks and the strut differ in their designs, and each has certain benefits and drawbacks. The individual suspension system’s design is the main distinction between struts and shocks.

Many car owners employ struts up front and a shock absorber in the back. In addition, the car owner will utilize either of them on each of the four corners of every vehicle. Some vehicles with an upper and lower control arm or a solid axle use shock absorbers, while those without an upper control arm use struts, which link to the knuckle.

Commonly Used Struts:

The MacPherson strut is the name given to the most popular kind of strut. This component combines the strut and spring into one solid, long-lasting piece. Some automobiles employ a single strut and a separate coil spring. The top of the spring in struts is usually fitted to support the body and is normally mounted to a steering knuckle. Struts are frequently utilized in automobiles with compressed suspension travel since they are smaller than shock absorbers.

Do You Want to Know How Long Do Shocks and Struts Last?


A shock and strut are intended to lose durability with time, just like any other moving component. However, they can last between certain thousand miles, depending on the sort of car you drive.

So, when do they need to be replaced? Well, they should be replaced following the manufacturer of the vehicle’s recommendations, and you can redirect to SuncentAuto for further options. It is always a smart idea to use original equipment manufacturer replacement components. For example, the same kind of component must be used to replace any shock absorbers or struts that come with your new car. To ensure that the tires, steering, and entire suspension system are aligned straight, shocks and struts should always be replaced in pairs.