Metrics Matter

What Kinds Of Engagement Metrics Matter On Social Media

Social media is important, everyone knows that, but it’s beneficial to realise that its importance continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down.  How, when and how you engage on social media is paramount to your digital marketing.

But what’s making getting this all-important formula right are the ever-changing and evolving algorithms the social media platforms are implementing.These constant changes by all of the online socialmedia platforms could result in meaningless measuring and could very well mislead you in where you are with your social media engagement.

It’s undoubtedly an ongoing challenge to ensure the success of your digital marketing.  A course in content marketing and digital marketing is highly advised so that you can master the art of engagement metrics on all the social media platforms out there.

Does continues social media engagement really matter?

Yes, it does – without a doubt.  With the daily increase in the number of people world wide going online, continuous social media engagement is a vital part of a digital marketing campaign.  Besides every marketer out there loves engagement. Successful engagement on social media ensures a continuous pattern, the more you engage – the more you post, the more traffic you get to your website.

What type of engagement metrics really matter

So, we all understand that engagement on social media is crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaigns and the overall online reputation of your brand.  But what type of engagement really matters and why?

All digital marketing experts agree that content is one of the most important factors in social media engagement, if not, a top priority.  To go along with this, most experts also agree that the most popular social media platform is Facebook.   However, despite these expert opinions, it’s necessary to decide what metrics drive your business and what type of social media engagement matters to you.

Why it’s important

Engagement certainly does matter as a social media metric;however, engagement metrics are not the only gauge of your social media success.Successful social media engagement has fast become one of the most important digital marketing goals and there’s no shortage of reasons why this is a fact.   Effective social media engagement increases traffic to your website, increases conversion rates and builds brand awareness.  These are all extremely valuable goals but the key to continued success is to measure your engagement performance.

Measuring and tracking your social media engagement

If the truth be told, no one really looks forward to measuring and tracking engagement metrics, after all, all the fun is in creating the content and clocking in the ‘likes.’  But, this is a task that has to be done, and done often in order to secure the success of your digital marketing.

In order to measure the success of your digital marketing goals you have to have a set objective and digital marketing strategy in place, it’s crucial to your social media engagement achievement.  There are lots of decisions to make, for example, which tools are best, how to gather all the information and then make sense of it.

Since the explosion of social media, it’s been debated which social media metrics are the best.  Here are a few of the most popular ones to help you start measuring.

  • Conversion rate – Measuring the conversion rate is a real science to establish what content and posts are the most popular and drive users to your website and convert.
  • Monetary value – Once you’ve established and measured the conversation rate from your social media engagement, it’s a good idea to turn this in to actual economic value and to keep an eye on what posts work and which get lost in the online world.
  • Recognitionrate – Everyone loves applause, and it’s no different with your social media engagement. Clocking in the likes, thumbs up and shares, is a great sense of accomplishment and has become a great metric to measure the value of your content and posts.
  • Engagement activity – Once you’ve gathered all of your social media engagement metrics, what do they all mean? A good place to start is to evaluate your followers, those users who are actually engaging with your posts.