What makes a good giveaway page?

Giveaway software pages

This is where the idea of giveaway software pages stemmed from. Instead of having the internet cluttered with software in faraway nooks and crannies; why not have a compilation of this in its entirety in one place? A good giveaway page systematically, according to different criterions, lists software, each of which passes the minimum standards of being freeware and 100% virus/ scam free.


Due emphasis is placed in origin of the software and that it is from a trustworthy developer. This ensures your peace of mind regarding its personal use. A good audience motivates a site to bring on more content. A yin yang effect forms the bedrock of a successful site. Users are the demand for which the site becomes the supply. http://giveaway4.com

An ideal page will have several sections which help a user not only find what he is looking for but also bring to light applications of interest. The top picks and most downloaded pages are examples of this. These sections include software enjoying the ‘celebrity’ status on accounts of massive downloads and or rating for utility. Apart from general rankings; http://giveaway4.com/software