When To Use Online Legal Forms

From time to time everyone will require legal assistance or need to utilize legal opportunities.  The cost of attorney’s can range anywhere from $150 an hour to thousands for high power attorneys.  Many of the actions performed by attorneys are routine and they utilize templates.  They do this because it saves them time and their clients money on perfunctory legal tasks.  Those tasks are usually in the areas of incorporation, estate law, contracts, or divorce.


Uncontested divorce forms can be found online and can be easily utilized by two parties who want a quick, cheap, and easy divorce.  Many online legal form providers also produce simple property settlement forms to be used during the separation period to identify to the courts that all matters have been settled prior to divorce.


Would be small business owners can download incorporation forms or utilize wizards to create the necessary documents to submit to the state about your particular business type.  Business license forms may also be available for download on some sites.

Estate Law

Wills are one of the most utilized online forms today.  These online legal forms make it easy to put your affairs in order cheaply and reliably.  Most of them are tailored for your state courts and can serve when used with a notary as legal documents in state courts.

Online legal forms are not always the answer but in many cases they can be for those areas that are routinely used and simple.