Why a Business Uniform Is a Good Choice for Your Company

With so many businesses now adopting the smart casual look, it’s becoming rare to see company employees in work uniform. Years ago, one way to spot an employee of a firm straight away was by the giveaway of their outfit.

Nurses, doctors and hospital staff all wear a uniform for practical reasons, but the thing that links them through their uniform is that they all belong.

The many reasons why schools implement uniforms are because of the lack of judgment it offers pupils, as well as once again, them all being united in doing so. However, when you get into the workplace, this just isn’t the case.

If you’ve been thinking about implementing a uniform into your business for all employees, these are just some of the reasons why this could be a smart move for your company.

Uniforms with Logos Equal Free Promotion

How many times do your employees leave the company to venture outside during lunches and breaks? How many of them nip to the store after work, stop off to collect the kids or stop off for a bite to eat – and all while wearing your uniform?

Idex fully understands the importance of personal branding, and the free publicity your employees generate this way is a fantastic marketing tool in itself!

Better still, work with your employees to have to hand information to pass to those who stop and ask about the company displayed on their uniform.

Uniform Prevents Potential Misunderstandings

Often in a workplace, the current dress code can be interpreted and taken to extreme lengths, and it’s difficult to monitor and police it.

company-uniform-500x500.jpg (500×500)

You may have individual members of staff who push the rules to the limit, such as short skirt lengths, pants that resemble jeans, novelty ties and low cut tops, to name but a few. Some companies combat this with a practice which states wearing clothing in the workplace which equals not being able to see up it, down it or through it!

However, when those boundaries are breached, it’s often difficult to hold a conversation with the offending employee and can lead to ill feelings amongst many staff members, especially if they feel one of them is getting away with the rules while they adhere to them. Added to this, time spent on continually discussing staff workwear and attire is not productive.

Uniform can stop this especially if there’s a specific list of what is be worn, or better still if it’s to be supplied by the company themselves. Leave no room for maneuverer here but offer choices, for example, trousers and skirts for women.

Uniforms Can Structure Your Company

If you deal with visitors or have several departments, then why not consider having a dedicated uniform for each individual department? That way, people will always know who to ask when they seek them out.

Uniform can also unite departments, floors or sections. It’s a great way of building teams and perhaps even adding a bit of team spirit in for good measure. You could, for example, look at adding a specific color for each department such as green for IT, red for admin and blue for finances and so on.