Why All Businesses, Regardless of Size, Should Implement A Monthly Business Plan

Some companies believe that a business plan is either merely to get their company off the ground and established in those first few months of life, or an annual document which can be shown to investors and shareholders as such to assure them that they do have some sort of goal for the year ahead!

However, though most companies will indeed have yearly workable business plans in place, those that choose to implement a monthly plan are often the most successful in their endeavors to steer their business onto the route they wish to be heading.

The 30-Day Business Plan

A monthly business plan need not be long-winded, and most certainly not take up too much valuable work time when being created. However, by spending some initial time designing and building your very first template, you will then be able to just fill out a pre-written business plan within just a few minutes to cover a period of 30 days ahead.

What you write on your business plan is more important than how you write it here! Your monthly business plan should ideally be planned at the end of one month in anticipation for the next and include something along the lines of:

  • Your company aims, missions and goals.
  • How and where you intend to make your money this month.
  • Your plans to get new customers and clients.
  • Your route to get from here to there!
  • Any potential obstacles likely to get in your way this month and how to overcome them.

What Being Armed with a Monthly Plan Means for Your Business

Undeniably, a monthly plan of action ensures you can keep a close eye on all your business comings and goings and act accordingly to get the best results.

Amiqus believe in being prepared for all known upcoming events and specific times of the year to be able to engage the maximum from any such occasions. If your business has seasonal surges of sales or months where purchases will exceed your desired thresholds, your monthly business plan will be able to account for these times and allow you to devise a course of action, which will enable you to accommodate such changes.

Your Monthly Business Plan Should Be Unique to Your Company Needs

Though you can certainly find examples of other businesses monthly business plans online, your own business plan will only work for you when it is tailored to the specific needs of your company. Every business is different and business plans needs to operate differently to account for this.

As your business progresses over time, you may want to take another look at your monthly business plan layout and get a better sense of whether it is still working for your current situation.

These business plans can be tweaked and added to or taken away from as and when it’s deemed necessary. The point here is to remember why you had the need to devise such a plan in the first place and remember what it should be doing for your company, above all else.