Media Availability In Today’s World – Opportunities And Risks

People are becoming increasingly comfortable. While 13 years ago the first videos played on mass-produced mobile phones caused a sensation, the demand has increased significantly in the times of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co.

The constant availability of content has accustomed consumers to a media world in which the customer is the absolute focus. The increase in the range of services offered by various private and public, legal television stations makes the demand for these services clear. The time-independent use of media, such as video on demand, enables customers to consume perfectly tailored to their needs.

Offering video on demand ( ) services, as well as live and event streams, poses particular challenges. As a provider of such services, a flawless use of the content must be guaranteed. The high expectations of users can mean significant losses for the company in the event of failure or reduced performance.

Companies for which media services are of central importance for business success cannot afford to make mistakes. The following example shows the extent to which a failure of a live broadcast has an impact:

Imagine the internet livestream of a pay-TV broadcaster broadcasting football breaks down during an important football match. Customer dissatisfaction usually manifests itself in a bad reputation on the company’s website and in all social media. A glowing support hotline due to a massive volume of customer calls is also the result. Last but not least, non-fulfilment of the invoiced service can be a possible reason for customers to cancel their contract. You can find more information on this here

This makes it all the more important to guarantee a perfectly functioning media offering. In order to ensure customer-oriented media provision, the choice of a media partner should be based on its competence. Many factors need to be taken into account. In addition to the usual streaming on a computer, the provision on various end devices is particularly important. The idea of streaming allows the user unrestricted access at any location. Thus the functionality on mobile phones and Tablets, as well as on streaming capable consoles such as Playstation and Xbox belong to the necessary offer.