Why Should You Get Tata Altroz Insurance?

Why Should You Get Tata Altroz Insurance?

In India, it is compulsory to have a motor car insurance policy. While the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it compulsory for all car owners to have a third-party liability cover, you can also opt for comprehensive insurance for your car to include damages to your vehicle too.

Tata Altroz is one of the most popular premium hatchbacks in India. Among other features, the car has received a 5-star Global NCAP Safety Rating for being one of India’s safest hatchbacks. And when you talk about safety and cars in the same sentence, you cannot forget car insurance. Many insurers offer a Tata Altroz Insurance policy that is designed to offer protection from third-party and own-damages to Altroz owners.

About Tata Altroz

Tata Motors Limited is one of India’s most trusted names in automobiles. With an operating history of over 75 years, the company launched its first passenger car in 1991. Since then, it has launched a range of models in the segment. In 2020, it launched Tata Altroz with five variants in petrol and diesel variants. Currently, there are over 20 variants to choose from. It has a range of features that rival the best in the hatchback segment and is gaining popularity as a modern and safe vehicle.

Do I Need Insurance for Tata Altroz?

The on-road price of Tata Altroz varies from around ₹8 lakhs to ₹10.5 lakhs. While the car is designed on the ALFA architecture of Tata Motors (ALFA – Agile, Light, Flexible, and Advanced), known for the quality of its build, damages to the vehicle due to accidents, mishaps, and natural or man-made disasters are possible. Without an insurance policy, you will have to manage the costs of repair and replacement of parts.

While a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory in India, it does not offer coverage for damages to the vehicle of the policyholder. Hence, most Tata Altroz owners opt for a comprehensive plan with add-on covers based on their expected use of the car.

Should You Opt for a Third-Party or Comprehensive Tata Altroz Car Insurance?

Apart from the fact that a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory in India, it is important to understand that it offers coverage only for damages to a third-party person and property. If your car meets with an accident with another car where both cars get damaged, then a third-party policy will offer coverage for the damage caused to the other car. You will have to bear the expenses of repairing your Altroz.

However, with a comprehensive plan, the insurer offers coverage for your car too. Further, you can choose from a range of add-on covers to customise the policy as per your needs. Every year, you can renew your car insurance policy.

Which Add-on Covers Should You Opt for?

While this is a wide range of add-on covers that you can choose from based on your expected use of the car, here are some covers that you might want to consider including in your Tata Altroz comprehensive car insurance policy.

Summing Up

Apart from being a necessity, for most people, their cars are their prized possessions. They take care of their vehicles and ensure that the servicing and maintenance are done on time. However, accidents and disasters often come unannounced and managing the costs of repair can burn a hole in their pockets. Hence, it is important to buy a car insurance policy that can help manage the costs of repair with ease. Keep in mind that car policy renewal is equally important.

There are many providers offering a range of car insurance policies. Make sure you compare car insurance on Tata AIG and choose the best option for your prized Tata Altroz. You can also check Tata Altroz Car insurance price by filling out an online form with the required details.

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