What Type Of Insurance To Obtain Before Travelling Somewhere

Why is it important that you choose the combination of the risks of travel insurance? To quickly and easily solve problems in case of illness, steal your luggage or steal your documents and payment cards. We explain the key steps to report a harmful event for travel insurance. Make sure to get in touch with us before you decide to travel somewhere.

No price, but cover

When deciding on coverage of travel insurance, do not just think about the most cost-effective option. Ask yourself what kind of risks you will be exposed during the trip.

Travel insurance covers six risk groups (A, B, C, D, E and F) that you can combine according to your needs. At least two groups of hazards should be selected for contracting tourist insurance. The only exception is the F (travel trip cancellation insurance), which you can provide in combination with insurance against accidents (risk B).
Danger A – The costs of rescue and transportation of vehicles, luggage and passengers are covered if you are a participant in a traffic accident or your car has broken down.

When we go home from home, many of us think: “What if my car breaks down on the road? What to do in case of a car accident? “And the answer is so simple. It just needs to be secured

Danger B – The costs of necessary treatment and costs of transporting the deceased insured are covered, and you are also insured against the consequences of an accident in case of death and permanent disability.

Danger C – Damage caused by theft, burglary, robbery or damage to luggage and personal belongings is covered.

The very thought of stealing or robbing is not pleasant, and all this becomes even more hopeless if it happens to us on vacation or travel, when we are even more vulnerable to such inconveniences. Nevertheless, if we are insured, we can make such situations easier, because the insurer in case of theft of luggage and personal belongings, as well as in case of damage, will compensate the damage.

Danger D – Your responsibility is covered, that is, the costs you inadvertently cause to third parties.

It may happen that another of you will claim compensation for the damage that you caused unintended, which results in person’s injury or damage to things. If you have not just knocked down the Eiffel Tower or sank the Royal Navy, you can be quiet

Danger E – The costs of the cancellation of travel, or later return from it, are covered.

Due to illness, accident or other grounded reasons, you may have to stop or extend your journey, which will result in additional costs.

Danger F – Cancellation costs are covered.

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