Handy Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Blog

Handy Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Blog

As the owner of a website, you want to gain as much traffic as possible. This places you higher in search engine listings. Blogging is a tried and tested way to accomplish these feats. That being said, how can you make your blog garner a lot of views? Let us discuss.

Write About Topics with A Good Record

Why venture into unseen waters when you have an entire well in front of you? Write about topics that have a large audience. However, this should not be your sole criteria. Pick topics that are popular as well as appealing to you.

If you are passionate about cars, prepare your turundusblogi based on cars with a more mainstream approach. To learn more about the recent trends, you can take reference from Google Trends. You can also search for the latest trends and craft a blog post in accordance.

Insert Catchy Headlines

You should spend as much time on your headline as you spend on your content. Catchy headlines boost your posts and drive up impressions. There are various headline analyzer tools that you can use to pick a suitable heading.

Some tools also assign a grade to your title. You will also get suggestions as to how you can improve it. One such tool is CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

Use an Attractive Format

If the heading drives more people to your article, the format will determine whether they stay or leave. You should insert suitable line breaks wherever possible so that the reader gets space to breathe.

Tools like Crazy Egg can gauge how readable your content is with the help of heat maps. By making slight tweaks to your format, you can observe a significant change in the number of readers. To improve formatting, you should:

  • Place special emphasis on keywords in subheadings.
  • Use smaller sentences that can be read easily.
  • Make use of bullet points to prioritize points.

Do Some Guest Posting

Ask some experts to write articles on your blog website. Ensure that you’re not handing over the task to any John Doe but confirm they are actually experts in their field. The objective of bringing guest writers is to enhance the quality of your blogging website. It also acts as a massive boost to your credibility.

The guest will also promote your blog in the process, and it will benefit you both. To find experts, you can make use of sites like LinkedIn and Mention. There are free tools like Social Mention, too, that can be used. Buzzsumo is also a viable option to type in your industry-relevant keyword and view the top posts.

Make Judicious Use of Images

You can make your blog attractive by inserting pictures in between. Some readers can leave the blog mid-way if they see that only text is used. Images keep them engaged, and they continue reading.

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