Heads Up For Hr Managers

The Human Resources Department consists of different people, from recruitment, to payroll, to benefits and to manning the team. These brilliant people, who keeps the team together and brings in good employees are the HR Managers. They’re the ones who do policies, check their people’s work, review and fix employee complaints.


Imagine a robot. A robot is composed of different parts which includes the brain, the heart, and the appendages. The appendages of this robot are the HR officers. The brain and heart of the robot is the HR manager. This person manages how the heart beats how the company will work out, especially when hiring good and suitable employees. This person is also the brain of the department HR managers study, formulate and solidify policies, which are the bases of the company’s operations. Lastly, this person manages the appendages – his team, that helps him achieve set goals for the whole company. They are the ones who plans, directs and coordinates administrative tasks of the company. They are like super humans they oversee everything what their team does, from recruitment, staff hiring and interviews. They’re also the ones who talks with the big bosses of the company when it comes to strategies on how to make the company better.


The success of the HR department also relies on the qualities of the HR manager. An HR manager should have the knowledge and skills in the human resources field. There are several qualities that an HR manager should have. Some of it are having the eagerness to learn new things, having good listening skills, presentation skills, being an innovator, and being an approachable person. Successful HR managers also have the eagerness to learn new trends in the HR field, to which can help the team deal with any challenges that may arise. They are also communicators – they are the ones who usually deals with employee problems. So they should be good in listening. Another quality an HR manager should have is the ability to catch and hold audience’s attention when presenting data or anything in a seminar or training. Think outside the box! People usually say that. A good HR manager should be able to think outside the box, especially when coming up with a solution to problems. The HR department should not be feared, especially the HR manager. They should be there whenever you need to talk, about your company issues or problems with other co-employees. The HR department and the HR manager are the good guys. Do not fear them, for they have the answers (not all!) to your problems.