How Can You Feature Social Media Into Event Marketing

As online media promotion and marketing is a routine task for your company with several short-term objectives, event marketing usually occurs quite less often. It is crucial that you promote your all of your online social media portals while you are at an event as it is going to keep everyone interested in your brand long after the event is over. On the other hand, social media turns out to be another great approach to promote your events. Using these two together can help you acquire double benefits if you are smart enough and have a proper plan in place.

There are some vital ways you can market your events before and after via social media portals, break down the different ways you can market your event, and what you should do after the event is over. While you considering mashing these two marketing tactics together, nevertheless, keep in mind that some strategies are going to be different  in case you are hosting the event versus attending an event. Some vital tips are mentioned below:

Before Your Event

Before your event takes place, you want to ensure that your existing crowd is on board with you. While you are hosting an event, this is very crucial.

Create An Event Page On Your Website And Facebook

You are required to create an online representation of your current event so that you can easily direct people to learn more about the event whereabouts. You can create a sub-section on your website that is devoted to the event, and a Facebook page to invite your existing network.

  • Have event information on the page, mentioning the time, location etc.
  • Post promotional videos
  • Link to blogs that others have mentioned about the event
  • Write down some promotional quotes from prior events
  • Updates and announcements leading to event

In case you are not hosting the event there perhaps already be an existing page created, so you need to be certain that you utilize this to market it to your social audience. Browse through your Facebook page and introduce your company to your audience, what you have to offer at your upcoming event, and try connecting with your followers, share updates and photos. This tends to be an easier approach to promoting your brand than an event you consider throwing on your own.

Do Not Forget To Create Event Hashtags

We all know that hashtags are all the rage these days, and are an easy approach to promoting a larger audience. If you are hosting, you can create your own event’s hashtag or post photos if you are attending one.