How to Take The Perfect Selfie

It’s no secret that social media plays a huge part in everyone’s lives, especially with the young people of today’s generation. There’s this certain need to show the world what you’re made of, what you can do and even your looks.  And because of that, millions of self taken photos or more popularly known as “selfies” are being generated every day. Of course, almost everyone at some point has taken a selfie right? But would you believe that there are actual steps to follow so you can achieve the perfect selfie? Nope, you won’t have a face of an Abercrombie or a Victoria secret model but still, in order to make the most out of your selfie there are some things you should consider. And here they are.

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Find The Best Lighting

  • One good indicator of a perfect photo is if it has the right amount of lighting. The light is your friend, don’t turn your back from it. Not only would it highlight all your facial assets but it will also make the picture’s resolution much better.
  • Look For Your Angle
  • Finding the right angle for your face could be the deciding factor whether you’ll look good or bad in the picture. Know what to hide, what to minimize and what assets are worth displaying.
  • Avoid Cringe-Worthy Poses
  • 2017 is about to arrive, you should ditch all camera poses that came from the MySpace Avoid duck lips, pouting, the Miley-Cyrus-tongue-out pose and even the terrible gang hand gestures. You’re trying to show how gorgeous you are, not how stupid looking you are.
  • Make Sure Your Camera Is Up For It
  • To take the perfect selfie, you must also have the perfect camera for the job. Settling for camera phones with low mega pixels won’t do you any good. Invest on a camera that has high definition features.
  • Pose Several Times
  • Time to bring out your inner model. Who knows? You might just find a signature pose.

Choose The Perfect Background

  • Choose a background that would compliment you or the clothes you’re wearing. Remember, a perfect selfie won’t just rely on how drop dead gorgeous you are but also on the place where you took it.
  • Always Smile
  • The simplest one, and yet it can make all the difference.