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7 Tips For Using Pr To Grow Your Tech Business

For a long time, PR has proven to be a cost-effective way of marketing your business and is an invaluable business strategy, especially when you have a limited budget to publicize and advertise your products or services.

Less expensive than the traditional forms of advertising, PR Marketing has numerous benefits for businesses.

More importantly, when it comes to communicating the credibility of your brand to the world, PR is simply, hands down, the best channel.

Now, if you have been wondering how simple PR tactics can make a huge contribution to your tech business, we shall share with you seven tips from the top Tech PR Firms for using PR to grow your business.

1. Frame your Own Story

If you do not have a public relations strategy in your company or business, you risk letting somebody else set up your brand identity.

While it seems like a great idea, third parties may impede your business’s brand identity, and worse yet, create an identity that does not align with your company’s ethics and values.


Create a news page on your website or social media pages, or appoint a spokesperson where people and media outlets can go and fetch authentic news about your company.

While at it, it’s crucial that you ensure that you are proactive at distributing your news through several channels, and this way, you will boost your brand above your competitors. Learn more.

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2. Create Value

A common mistake we see with many businesses is they do ads as a formality or just for the sake of it.

Contrary to that, however, businesses should provide value, which is a demonstration for their commitment to be of service.

For instance, when putting up a press release or a pitch, you should try to keep the content succinct and solution-oriented. Focus on a particular or widespread problem faced by your readers, offer a solution and describe how your business is deeply involved.

Providing value to your readers will not only build credibility and trust but will also showcase your expertise and cement your organization as a resource and thought leader.

3. Honesty Is Key

What is common with all the successful brands?

Their brands are built on an authentic story told well.

When releasing your company information, it is essential that you maintain honesty, without stretching the truth, or hiding anything from the public.

Doing otherwise will only backfire and hurt your business instead.

4. Keeping Up with Trends

Unlike other industries, the tech domain is constantly evolving, with new products and services coming into play.

Keeping up with such dynamics can be quite challenging to you, and you can take advantage of that by providing a reliable source of the latest happenings.

However, to gain credibility as a reliable source of information and leader within the tech domain, you need to be conversant with the latest trends in your industry.

It’s crucial that you keep an eye on the latest developments on various channels such as Google trends, monitor what industry experts and people are saying about the industry, and then come up with relevant topics to cement your authority.

5. Building Media Networks

Like in any other industry, networking is vital in the tech industry.

Creating networks with industry experts, specialists, and media personnel in the tech industry will give your business an edge over your competitors.

For starters, it will set your brand for mega exposure and more importantly, allow you to become a trustworthy source of information.

However, networking is time-consuming, and this is why we always encourage our readers to use professional Tech PR Firms to build on their existing inventory of networks they have. Over the years, Tech Public Relations Firms have built strong, amicable collaborative relationships with everyone in the industry, and so it will be easier for your firm to get propelled easily.

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6.  Power of Social Media

We cannot underestimate the role that social media plays in marketing, and it’s a shame that few companies channel their efforts to social media channels.

Rather than focusing all your PR energies on media houses, you can share your brand on social media channels too.

7. Maintain Consistency

For a long time, I have been an executive at several Tech PR Firms, I have grown to the opinion that PR, regardless of how good it is, it usually takes time. In any case, you should not be looking for an overnight success with PR.

Rather, have a long-term PR plan mapped out, and with time and consistent efforts, your company will distinguish itself and achieve the coveted recognition.


With best efforts on your part and a willingness to improve your visibility, your PR efforts should pay off, and they should provide a better investment than traditional advertising alone.