The Best Option: Repair or Replace

There will be a time that your roof will cause you problems due to being damaged. There are instances that you forgot to maintain its health and good condition that is why you are now facing more disadvantages than advantages.

Causes of Roof Damage

The roof is one of the most important element to maintain a healthy infrastructure especially your home. When it comes to the point that you have a defective roof, a certain problem will rise. You need to know what causes the damage to address it.

  • Poor maintenance
  • Ice damage
  • Wind damage
  • Other weather conditions
  • Improper installation

Damaged Roof: Repair or Replace

There are times that you will have a confusion if which is better when there is a damaged roof. Some would decide it is best to repair it, and some would choose to have it replaced. You can seek help from Michigan roofing contractors or asses first on your own on what to choose.

  1. Time Constraints

Check first if there are time constraints for if there is none, then you can opt either repairing or replacing your roof. Make sure that your decision will base on the schedule you are most available.

  1. Roof Age

Roof age is an important factor in deciding if you will just repair it or replace it already. If your roof is in the middle of its cycle then repair is good to choose. But if your roof is around 15-20 years, there is a need for you to replace it.

  1. Size of the Damage

Repair is only applicable if the damage is only around one or two small areas like replacing shingles. If you can see that it is more than your own scope, then there is a need for you to replace it.

  1. Cost of Replacement

Being on a tight budget, you will not really opt for a replacement as soon as possible. Replacing it might cost you more but will provide you a better value and another long year of service.

  1. Layers of the Shingles

Building code states that having more than two layers of shingles is prohibited. It will cost you more in ripping off the existing shingles and replace it. Better opt for replacing the entire roof for you to save time and money as well as be in line with the code which is mandated by the law.