Reap the Benefits of 24/7 Call Center Answering Service

We live in a wonderful age where at the tip of our fingertips the entire world is waiting to offer us knowledge, entertainment, or product. In a marketplace that never sleeps, you need a team that refuses to either.

In order to best serve the digital marketplace, you need a 24/7 call center, a team of friendly and well-trained customer attendants that can help them through any complication in the purchase cycle. The cost of not offering such a service is a lot higher than you might think, research shows that customers left on hold for longer than 5 minutes or even worse, offered no method of contact at all, are much more likely to give up on your brand and certainly won’t return in the future. And that’s if they already know and have previously recommended your product if you’re a newbie it’s even worse, they will actively attack your brand or business.

Some businesses prefer to keep their customer service in house, and there are actually a lot of great reasons to do that. You do have a little more control and you can ensure the support staff are properly equipped with the knowledge and passion they need to serve your market. However, the cost to set this up is astronomically higher than outsourcing and paying overnight wages in your own country is often nearly double of that of a usual employee. This means there are times when the desks are unattended.

By outsourcing to a call center it is easy to negotiate round the clock coverage that means no matter what time of night, or where in the world your customers are coming to you from, they will consistently get the same premium service from your support agents. This means you can begin targeting other regions, and focus your own team on outreach and marketing, building and improving your reach, safe in the knowledge that your customers will be looked after no matter where or when they are.

The cost of the outsourcing as we mentioned earlier is actually a lot less than you might think. In comparison to spending on the equipment and training of an in house team and their continued wages, it’s cheap. When you consider the value it brings and its true worth it’s an absolute bargain. We all want to feel valued by the companies and businesses we give our money to, the personal touch added by a 24/7 call center is the very least you can do to ensure your market is looked after properly.

Here at Callnovo, we know what great customer service looks like and we’ve grown our business on offering the same passion and drive for excellence and customer satisfaction that an in house team would. Our expertly trained team are on hand and ready to offer your business their 5 stars, 24/7 call center service. Why not give us a call today and see how we can help build your brand.