The Beauty of Bespoke Watches

Bespoke items are generally things of great beauty, especially if they are made just for you. Be it a dress, suit, shoes or jewellery, it shows that you have both the wealth to afford such an item and the taste to appreciate it, in most cases anyway. As such, bespoke items are only produced by and handful of companies, and are very expensive, but hey, that’s the point.

Whilst bespoke suits and dresses are relatively common, shoes and jewellery are less so, and cars and watches are very rare indeed. The above is a fairly obvious statement, especially since a shirt or suit is a lot easier to make than a watch, but that’s where the beauty lies. Having a professional and experienced tailor make something to fit your frame is one thing, but the amount of work that goes into a bespoke timepiece is something else.

From inception to design, drafting and engineering through to material selection and finally manufacture and assembly, there is an awful lot of time and man hours that go into bespoke watches. Whilst a custom creation from the ground up, from one of the premier watch designers and makers that offer this service such as Blancpain or Jaeger Le Coultre would truly cost a fortune, but thankfully there are other options.

Emporio Armani watches, the horological arm of the world-renowned fashion house have recently released details of an upcoming line of bespoke timepieces they intend to launch. Whilst it has to be said that they aren’t particularly highly rated within the watch making fraternity, being seen more as a fashion brand that anything else, this new foray might raise a few eyebrows. Bespoke design within watchmaking is usually only the preserve of the very highest end manufacturers, and likewise clients. However, Armani produce bespoke suits that site somewhere in the mid range of tailoring, so why not adapt the basic watch they sell in the same way?

These timepieces are rumoured to cost around $5000, making them in line with the basic Rolex or Omega timepieces. Whilst you wont get the famed Swiss engineering on your wrist, you will instead have a watch that no one else has, and that has to be worth the price doesn’t it? We will look for more details on this project with interest.